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Posted by Thanks! on November 15, 2017 at 07:00:03:

In Reply to: Re: Club team asked about my daughter switching teams posted by Observer on November 14, 2017 at 16:26:26:

: : : : : Had a strange situation come up recently.
: : : : : My daughter (8th grade) plays for a club that isn't one of the "elite" clubs, but has stayed with it for 3 years. She's improved tremendously, loves to play, and has grown physically just in the last 6 months or so. She wants to play in high school and talks about college, but we're fairly realistic and just support her in what she wants to do and will just let things play out, as long as she stays on top of school.

: : : : : At a tournament recently someone I don't know at all approached me and started asking about her, then identified himself as a coach for one of the "elite" clubs. He then started to tell me about all the potential benefits of switching to their club, the exposure playing on their national team, college scholarships, etc. and capped it off by saying we wouldn't have to pay to join.

: : : : : I get that a bigger, more well-known club would probably have some benefits, but she's happy playing with her teammates and has gotten better, and I was a little taken aback by this approach. But is it something we should even consider if she really does want to play beyond high school? Checking out this forum actually scares me sometimes, all the crazy stuff that people say on here. Hard to know what the best thing to do is. Either way, I don't think we'll even think about it until later on in high school but just wanted to see if there were any rational opinions out there.

: : : : **********************************************
: : : : Like yourself I feel its a thin line between wanting to post on here or just walk away, SOME people don't have anything better to do than to berate young athletes and its hear to stomach. On other hand it could be some decent information on here as well. Anyway in my humble opinion, there are some factors that you have to consider that you might already know but I feel I should say.

: : : : I personally dislike when these so-called elite club teams approach kids behind the current coaches back, its a cowardly act and desperate plea for their own benefit, proceed with caution. If your daughter enjoys playing for her club team at this point and you see the improvement then I suggest to stay or at least until this season is over. Once she reaches high school then maybe look into a club that can help her reach her goals. Don't look for words like Elite attached to the name, sometimes it can be misleading. Plenty of good clubs out there to choose from.

: : : : When you ready don't be afraid to look into the history of that club and ask around. If they are who they say they are, people will know and will have all the information you need.


: : Have to concur here. I don't have respect for coaches who try to "poach" other teams best players.

: : It's different if you approach them, but for them to approach you is just kind of slimy.

: : Here's the thing. If your daughter enjoys her team and coach, and you believe she is improving, then just leave her there.

: : If you have a good relationship with your coach, and you believe them to be level-headed, you can ask them about it.

: : The "big" clubs go through high school, while many of the "boutique" clubs are more youth oriented.

: : I know plenty of "boutique" club coaches who, if your daughter is that talented or potentially so, will want her to succeed and help you find a better fit if necessary. Many won't, but hopefully you are part of a good club that does feel that way.

: : One other potential thing to think about. These big "shoe teams" offer all this free stuff (tuition, gear, travel, etc.). With the ongoing FBI investigation, NIKE will most likely be pulling out of the high school travel scene in the next couple of years; and then that free stuff is no longer going to be free.

: : Also, if you aren't on their National EYBL team, or their National 15U team, nothing is free and you are basically paying for everyone who is on those teams.

: : Lastly, the most important thing is your daughter having fun. If she isn't having fun, one day she is just going to say she is done.

: : Good luck!

: : I've been in the club scene for years when my daughter (now a starter at one of these SS-Open teams) transitioned from park n rec to one of these EYBL clubs at age of 10. She was playing up at 12u. On top of P&R, she was also playing with boys 10u small local club.

: She started balling early so her game was ahead for her age. And she picked up the love for the game at early age so she's always playing b-ball instead of dolls. (-: If she can't get to park she works on her handle both strong and weak hands.

: Being in an Elite club will maximize your daughter's development and feel for the game. The major reason for this is because she's training, competing and playing along side with top players. Every elite clubs will have great coaches and some not to great. But the 2 top teams usually get the good coaches, that's how it works for the most part. You will see great players in small club here and there but for the most part they all end up in one of these Elite clubs. Those that don't usually because they didn't make the cut to be in the top 2 teams. Sad but true. I spoke to parents of those with games but transitioned late and all wished they would have known sooner or made the move earlier.

: But regardless of how good she can be, it won't happen if she's only practicing during club practice. I've seen parents blaming the program because after 3 yrs their daughters are still playing at the lower level and not improving. You can have Coach Pop of Spurs coaching you but if you don't put in the work you are not going nowhere. You might be gifted with size and speed but if the work is not there she will be coming off the bench if she wants to compete at the top level.

: Just remember there's no such thing as free lunch, that "you don't have to pay to join" usually means they will waive the registration fee for this season. Or free the first 2 mos. Eventually you will pay unless your daughter ball like Jordan Canada, then maybe you might get full ride at club. But if her game is there along with the work, then you are looking at private HS full ride and college. You just need to be true to what your daughter got or can develop into if she puts in the work. Only you can answer that.

Thanks again for all the thoughts. We have no interest in not having to pay, thankfully we can afford the costs of travel ball at this time. Mostly my concern is the environment in these "top" teams. As a sideline watcher, there does seem to be a lot of sideline coaching, negativity, selfish play sometimes and I imagine that can be heightened when you get together a bunch of players that are all told that they're "elite".

We'll stay put for now, and continue working out while practicing with her club. I'll probably try to find a good skills trainer. My wife and I both played D1 soccer so we help with footwork, speed, agility stuff but probably need someone for specific skills.

Hopefully she continues to love the game, that's about all we ask for at this point. No need to chase anything else right now.

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