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Posted by Agreed on November 10, 2017 at 10:37:30:

In Reply to: Re: Blending young and more experienced players - eg MD posted by My 2 Cents on November 10, 2017 at 10:12:59:

: : What are peopleís thoughts on blending new talent with experienced players? I like to have senior/junior leadership on the court but unfortunately many kids view the incoming, talented players as threats rather than as papers Tina successful whole. Throw in the parents who have their expectations and itís a hot mess sometimes. I try to be fair with rewarding effort and ability but have had girls quit when a younger, better player starts eating into their minutes.

: : I look at MD and see so much potential but wonder how thy manage these types of issues. Then you throw in a transfer who comes in as a junior and has always been a ball dominant player who talks team but is not a distributor/game manager. What a conundrum.

: Assuming everyone is giving effort and has a good attitude, then my philosophy is the best players play - period.

: If that ruffles some older players feathers, tell them to work harder.

: Now, part of that is attitude and effort. If I see kids - young or old - feel like they are entitled and not giving their best, I have no problem sitting them down.

: This is about more than basketball. It's a life lesson. Do your best with a good attitude and you are rewarded. If you don't, there are consequences.

: As for the parents, if they want to pull their kids to chase a starting job, then so be it. If the kid is falling behind, there is a reason, and that reason will show in the next school, and the next school.

: Better to go to battle with kids who are all in and are working hard to get more PT.

: Good luck!

If i have freshman like Demetre, Frescas and Pepe, they are going to play. My juniors and seniors who thought this was their year are going to suffer. This is where the turmoil amongst these types of teams comes in. Look at Freeman - tweeting "they haven't even played a high school game and they are the best in the country" then mom stepped in.. ON TWITTER! This is a kid who thought this was her year, not for long with those 4 coming into MD. I agree with the above poster - the kids with the most ability are going to play because at the end of the day it's about winning games and championships. (Something that MD hasn't done for a very long time) MD's whole culture changed when those 4 stepped into the building! (Which quite frankly is not a bad thing) To Kiernan, I give the man props for the shit storm that's about to go down when Freeman, Rahon, Johnson and Torbert see their minutes going down. It's not anything they did wrong, they just aren't as talented. The problem is that those kids have been playing at an elite level a majority of their lives so the experience may already be there which means that those Seniors won't have much to offer other than their presence.

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