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Posted by Others on October 31, 2017 at 16:28:26:

In Reply to: Re: Best teams I've seen in the past few months posted by If it comes down to coaching on October 31, 2017 at 16:15:12:

: : : : : : : I've watched most of the top teams in Southern Cal play over the past month or so. Here is my assessment (please feel free to disagree; humbly, I'm just calling it how I see it). These are in no particular order:
: : : : : : : 1. Long Beach Poly: probably one of his least talented teams, but still very deep and athletic. They are very physical, but lack coaching.
: : : : : : : 2. Etiwanda: extremely good when pressing and in transition. Struggle when forced to run sets. Coach seems to be more of a "look at me, I'm yelling and want attention" guy than coaching his team.
: : : : : : : 3. Mater Dei: this one is iffy. They are loaded, but have not looked convincing in the 6 games I've seen them play.
: : : : : : : 4. Alemany: they are loaded. They are athletic, tall and scrappy. Seem to be responding well to the new Coach.
: : : : : : : 5. Sierra Canyon: best point guard I've seen in a while. Extremely athletic, quick, makes good decisions and shoots well. Well coached team; they will be hard to beat.
: : : : : : : 6. ML King: they have a very good point guard with some talent surrounding her. They've gotten better every time I've seen them play, which is a testament to the coaching.
: : : : : : : 7. Centennial: great young point guard, surrounded by some talent. Coach seems to know what he's doing, even though I've questioned some of his decision-making toward the end of some of his recent games.
: : : : : : : 8. Mission Hills: great shooting team with good coaching and no quit. That being said, they will have a tough time in their area; way too many good teams there.
: : : : : : : 9. La Jolla C.D.: well coached, with one of the nicest players I've seen in a while. Paopao is the real deal.
: : : : : : : 10. Ribet: I included them because they have talent. However, the coaching is awful. They seem lost; it's either they blow a team out because they are playing down, or they loose because a team just as talented as them out-coaches them. Watching their 2 losses this past weekend was painful. The head coach looked confused and over-his head.

: : : : : : : I'm sure there are great teams I missed that I haven't had the pleasure of viewing. Feel free to add to the list if desired.

: : : : : : Good list to start the season - some thoughts

: : : : : : Mater Dei undeniably has the most talent, but with that mix of very young and seniors, who knows. I don't think Crocker will add to any chemistry at all, just more problems with lots of "get mine" attitudes, no matter what they say.

: : : : : : Paopao is a fantastic player, who can run the show, score, and is very heady.

: : : : : : Etiwanda won't win based on coaching, but will if they can overwhelm you with aggressive play.

: : : : : : King's PG is quite good as well, but don't think they have the firepower to compete with upper echelon.

: : : : : : Poly without transcendent player now. Let's see if coach can actually coach.

: : : : : : Nice list but I don't see HW on there so am assuming you have not had the chance to see them play. Yes, they lost to Sierra Canyon and Ribet but they were down a starter that weekend. The Twins look solid than ever and the freshman big looks promising.

: : : : : I don't think Windward has done a summer/fall games yet but they will be on the list as well.

: : : :
: : : : : "Coach seems to be more of a "look at me, I'm yelling and want attention" guy than coaching his team". That cracks me up but kinda true. Why you do Stan like that, lol

: : : Centennial is way too high,,, imo they are not top 10 in division 1, let alone SoCal..... Ribet has way too much talent and size to not be higher... I would be concerned with their bench, but starting 5 can compete with anybody., but depth is a huge problem...HW has to be in on any top 10 discussions with the twins and their 6 2 frosh, who is going to get better everyday.

: : Ribet has talent. You got to be kidding their bigs could not even do a lay up and their guards couldn't bring the ball up. I don't know how they beat HW

: Great list, plus HW, minus Ribet, Centennial and maybe King. Ribet has no coaching. Both men on that bench are clueless. They are in way over their head. Centennial has talent but they are up and down. The coaching can be good at times and sometimes pretty bad. King is an X factor. In 3 games I've seen, they have gotten better. The coaching looked good, and this can set them over that hump. HW has the coaching and players. They will compete in the open with the big dogs.

Add Windward, remove Chaminade.

Windward is elite, Chaminade is just really good.

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