Re: Top 8 Open Teams for this season. Ribet?

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Posted by POS on October 20, 2017 at 13:51:27:

In Reply to: Re: Top 8 Open Teams for this season. Seen all but 1 posted by Opinion on October 18, 2017 at 08:23:17:

: : These are my top 8 predictions for the Open teams. After going to the various fall leagues and tournaments, I have seen all but one of the teams listed below. You can bank on it

: : 1. Mater Dei......Way too much talent. They are a college team.
: : 2. Sierra Canyon.....This might be their best team yet. Depth, size, guard play. Scary good
: : 3. LB Poly.....This might be their weakest team yet. Still very good but definitely not the favorites
: : 4. Etiwanda....Even with a huge downgrade to coach who jumps around they are super talented.Not even sure he could mess up this team
: : 5. Ribet Academy....Yes. I saw them with my own eyes last weekend. Frontline and PG are ridiculous. coach in over his head and what looks like an international harem.
: : 6. Windward....Only team I haven't seen. Coach never does anything with the team in summer or fall. Must be nice to have club ties
: : 7. Alemany....Very strong team. Nice size and speed. Will the new coach keep them rolling
: : 8. Harvard Westlake........Might have a better team than last year. Twins and a 6'2 post. Problem is the rest are better than last year

: : Top 3 out
: : 1. Serra....returns their whole team. Lucky they are only taking 8
: : 2. Fairmont Prep.....Very good team.
: : 3. Orangewood Academy......Another solid season expected

: Really good list. I would still put Alemany, Harvard, and Windward above Ribet. Even though Ribet beat Harvard in a fall league game, I agree with you that their coach looks in way over his head with this team, and that Harvard would beat them in a regular season game when they are practicing every day and being coached regularly. But that looks like definite top 8. Ribet can move on that list when they get all of their players eligible and actually win some real games against some of these top teams...I mean, if you based the top 8 on just talent alone...I might put Ribet number 1 or 2 just behind Mater Dei. The only team I haven't really seen was Sierra Canyon. They were in San Diego, and in the second division.....and they did not win it. But they may have been missing players...I don't know. Still...very good list.

Hold up, wait a minute! I wasn't going to comment on this thread but I have to now. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this list is alright. I have a lot of issues with it because of the teams listed and the lack of depth. But my main issue is that Ribet is getting all of this attention because they added a 6'9" kid. Let me ask the so called "experts" on this site a question? What merits Ribet to be in the Open Division? Simple question, why? According to original poster, Ribet has a frontline and point guard are ridiculous.

Okay...but without a 6'9" addition this was the same team that lost in the first round of the Division 2AA playoffs and they kind of lost badly too. I know kids can get better and teams improve but I have a tough time believing that Ribet would be considered an Open team if it wasn't for landing a 6'9" post player that is rated highly by the experts based upon potential alone. This kid might be great, I haven't seen her. I am just going off of that her team in New Jersey went like 12-6 last season and also only averaged 42 points a game. If she is that great of a player then why didn't her team in New Jersey go undefeated and score more points? I read about her team in New Jersey and it sounds like they are like Ribet out in New Jersey collecting international talent. I know she is one person but if she was that good then she should have elevated her team to her "elite" status?

Also Ribet lost in the 1st round of Division 2AA last season without the 6'9" post player. Ribet kind of lost badly too so why now that Ribet has an overhyped post player they are an Open Division team? Ribet hasn't even played a game yet and you and most everyone else has put them up there with the top teams and someone even thinks that Ribet is the second best team in the Southern Section? I didn't know a fall league win over Harvard-Westlake carried so much weight?

You all need to scale back your expectations a bit on this team. Is Ribet a good team? I guess but not because they got a 6'9" kid that could be really good. Yes having her does make it a match-up nightmare. Having 3 kids that are above 6 feet does help. But I feel that getting a 6'9" player isn't really going to make a team that lost in the first round of Division 2AA an Open Division team now. I can name a lot of other schools that I would put ahead of Ribet. I also can name teams that has better talent than Ribet as well. It is called being objective and not buying into the hype. Does Ribet belong in the Open Division? Well that is not my call or anybody else on here. That will be in the hands of CIF. In my opinion the only way Ribet makes it into the Open Division is if CIF takes more than 8 teams.

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