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Posted by POS on October 06, 2017 at 10:59:46:

In Reply to: Open Division posted by OC Coach on October 06, 2017 at 08:50:17:

: How many teams will they take in the OPEN Division this season? I've heard it will only be 8, any truth to this?

: Open Division Teams:
: 1. Windward
: 2. Etiwanda
: 3. LB Poly
: 4. Mater Dei
: 5. Sierra Canyon
: 6. Alemany
: 7. Harvard Westlake
: 8. Serra
: 9. Chaminade
: 10. Rosary
: 11. Fairmont Prep
: 12. Orangewood
: 13. LB Millikan

: Anyone else?

Everyone that has talking and it sounds like only 8 teams will be selected to the Open Division. But who knows. CIF didn't like that there were teams that were tanking to miss out on being selected for the Open Division. There was also talk about teams on both the boys and the girls side purposely losing games in the Open Division to better set themselves up for the State playoffs. CIF didn't like that so they want to trim the fat and only take 8 teams so the product isn't watered down. But there is still talk that CIF might take 16 teams. That is a lot of money being left off if only 8 teams go. If CIF takes 8 teams it will make the Division 1 playoffs better because there will be some very good teams left to battle it out. But it will really suck for a team that had some success recently to have to still play a Chaminade or Gardena Serra in the playoffs rather than playing a team that is similar to them like how it is going to be in the other divisions. There are still some good teams outside of Division 1 that would make the Open Division if there were 16 teams and taking these teams out of their perspective division would make for better and more equal competition. I am for that, because I would find it troubling if a team would have a cake walk to the finals and to a championship in a lower division. Especially, when there are teams up in the higher divisions that will have to fight tooth and nail to win a championship. I liked how CIF had it years ago with good teams spread throughout the divisions. If there was an "elite" team down in Division 4AA then put them in the Open Division with the others. But now pretty much every good team is up in Division 1. Is that fair? Yes and no. Like some people have said, let the teams that recruit and get transfers battle it out in Division 1. Why should the good teams up in Division 1 suffer so the schools that finish 3rd and 4th place in a league battle it out for a championship in a lower division? I thought the Open Division was to fix all of this. Put the best teams up against each other and let them battle it out. You can't tell me that all 39 teams in Division 1 all recruit or bend the rules while the other 530+ school in the Southern Section are good little neighborhood programs and would never do anything like that. Please, but if any of those other schools do find success then they start complaining when they get up to Division 1 or to the higher divisions.

Here is something to think about. If CIF only takes 8 teams to the Open Division then CIF is promoting teams to be mediocre. Good teams in Division 1 are now trying to find ways to drop out of Division 1 for next year or the year after that. I am sure there are schools looking to do the same thing in the other divisions. But let that sink in, the good teams that are in Division 1 are trying to find ways to drop a division. Some of them have already found the formula and now others will be following suit. Then what will CIF have to do because there will be 8-10 teams in Division 2AA next year that should be in Division 1. Hooray that there will be 8 teams and not 2 but still. The Open Division is needed to regulate everything. So by only taking 8 schools this season and maybe the future will only hurt CIF and the other divisions in the long run because this whole equality thing will be thrown out of wack because good or "elite" teams will be infiltrating the lower divisions and thus making it harder for the schools that play by the rules to have any success. Then we will really hear complaining then.

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