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Posted by Motivation on October 03, 2017 at 14:47:08:

In Reply to: Re: Alemany- Burroughs posted by observer on October 03, 2017 at 13:49:25:

: : : : : : : : : Alemany won a city team by only 2 points at the Burroughs league on Saturday? With a full squad! Perhaps not the power house everybody claims?

: : : : : : : : If thats Granada Hills stop. Granada is a power. They had Sierra beat.

: : : : : : : : It sounds like to me that Granada is trying to toot their own horn. Iím sure a Granada player or coach is putting out this string of messages. Relax Granada! Youíre not that good

: : : : : : Granada is good for a city team. I will agree with that. They may win the city league this year. The City section is no match for the southern section. They had Sierra beat? WHAT? Sierra's coach doesn't coach in the fall league. Sierra's best player didn't play. The Sierra coach subbed all girls evenly. The last three minutes of the game when she decided to win, they beat Granada by ten points! They almost beat who?

: : : : : did you watch the game???? 2 minutes left in the game Alemany was up 12 point and the coach pull out everybody and play kids that wont be playing much this year. so stop it!! Granada will never beat Alemany fall spring summer winter neverrrr.

: : : : Well, it must be nice to have 2 D1 players playing against a school that doesn't have 1. When you have 2 D1 players.. you should always blow teams out of the water that don't have close to 1. Also, the players that aren't D1 on Alemany are very solid.

: : : are looking for moral victories????

: : No moral victories.. Alemany better not feel good about themselves by the way they are playing with the type of team they have... Camacho 2.0 better figure it out

: haha if they would kept season minutes it would be a different story... Alemany payed really well against real competition not against a city team that dreams to beat alemany... may be one day keep trying

With the disclaimer that is only fall league, let me throw this out there as some food for thought...

Granada was most likely way pumped for the game while for Alemany players it was just another fall league game.

Last year our team had a game at Burroughs after Alemany played El Camino so we went early to watch. Both squads were full and played hard. Camacho was stamping and screaming on the sidelines like a Chaminade game. But El Camino girls were flying all over the place. They only played 7 players. People diving. Took a couple charges. El Camino won, but whatever, it is a fall league game. But for a "City" team to get a win over a "SS Open" team was a big deal for them, whereas the Alemany players were more shocked that they could lose.

No doubt had they played in the regular season, Alemany wins probably by double digits. But when adrenaline kicks in, stuff happens.

My point is, Granada is a good, solid team regardless of section. No they aren't as good as Sierra Canyon or Alemany or Harvard Westlake. But they are very competitive with many SS D1 teams.

No need to be blowing teams up or putting them down based on a Saturday morning fall league game in September.

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