Re: Division predictions??? 1AA? 1A?

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Posted by Rebuttal on September 26, 2017 at 11:34:41:

In Reply to: Re: Division predictions??? 1AA? 1A? posted by Concerned on September 26, 2017 at 08:31:32:

: : : There aren't any good players in the lower divisions, just wannabes. The best players are at Division 1 schools or in the Open Division. Anybody else in the lower divisions couldn't hack it at a Division 1 school so they ran down to a lower division to look better. It happens all of the time. But once those players are against better competition they get exposed for what they are really are. Just look at the guard from La Salle. Plays a bunch of nobodys but when La Salle plays anybody good she is exposed as being a wannabe. The list is long with how many wannabes there are. Put these wannabes on a Division 1 team and they are a bench player. It is sad but true.

: : All Championships except the OPEN are a JOKE! Just admit it that CIF is going the way of Democrats and giving teams that don't deserve it a chance and screwing the teams who players and coaches have done a better job. That's the way it is in America now. Everyone gets a trophy for participation. Entitlement is a sick sin in America now. Trying to make everyone feel good only leads to the highest depression rate in the World that's in America because once people see you don't get everything for free many decide on suicide and drugs where the rates continue to climb every year. Nice going Adults who control what's happening in our nation today.

: Are your kids still playing? When will you be moving on to the next level with your deserving child?

:FIrst of all, nothing about high school sports is about getting things for free and feeling good, so that argument is nonsense. As far as only the top division being the one that matters...Those teams in the top division are the ones who cheat and break CIF rules with illegal recruiting and "academic scholarships." The CIF has recognized that and that not all of the teams are playing by the same set of rules. The open division is for the top teams that break the rules. The lower divisions are for everyone else playing by the rules. Winning a lower division means that team has worked hard to beat similar teams in a 32 team tournament. College has separate divisions. Professional soccer has different divisions. Those kids winning a championship in division 4 didn't get that championship for free...they worked for it. You think allowing small cheating private schools with loaded teams beating small teams by 50 in a lower division is a good thing. If anything, THAT is teaching those kids that they will get everything handed to them and that cheating and breaking rules is OK. What is happening in our nation today has NOTHING nor resembles ANYTHING like the CIF Basketball divisions. That may actually be the stupidest thing ever said on this site.

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