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Posted by Coaches are taken advantage of on September 22, 2017 at 11:35:46:

In Reply to: Re: The State of HS Basketball Slowly................ posted by Except... on September 22, 2017 at 08:09:55:

: : I have been a high school coach for over 30 years. The quality of coaching now is really bad. One reason for this: NO ONE CARES! Admin does not care, if they have bad high school sports programs. The school board does not care, NO ONE CARES. There is no reason to hire good coaches when no one cares. They would care if parents complained to the admin and the school board. No one complains, so they have no incentive to improve. If you want better coaches, take it to the Admin and the school board, put pressure on them. They will feel the heat, and address the issue.

: This is a general statement, and certainly not true everywhere, but one is is the truly elite players are ending up at private schools so they don't encounter this.

: Especially on the girls side. Of the top 8th grade teams in our area, 90% went to private schools for drastically reduced tuition. They never even considered public schools.

: So, complaining to the public school board is not going to happen as much with the average/good athletes.

: I'm not saying you are wrong, just that it probably won't happen.

A local school board was presented with questions why coaches aren't treated the same paywise. No response. No problem with head coaches getting paid more because they do more than lower level coaches. However, when some sports get paid out of season and others don't, that isn't treating coaches fair. A comment was "coaches like to coach so they'll coach anyway for free." This is from people who spend hours negotiating a 3 % pay raise that can equate to thousands of dollars increase in pay per year while 3% of coaches pay equates to less than $100 pay raise per year. They said everyone has to get the same percent to be fair. Maybe they didn't take a class in fairness. Coaches also don't have a union to represent them at salary negotiations. Simply pay coaches who coach out of season more in their stipend to fix that. We know some coaches coach only for the stipend, barely having enough games, and not on Saturdays or tourneys. If you want to coach, put in time that equates to half of the minimum wage rate, donate some money and items, listen to parents who complain because their child doesn't play much even though they just go thru motions, don't help at any team events or fundraisers, and some admin support parents first, right or wrong, and put up with coaching against a few teams that don't know how to spell sportsmanship and tell their players to hurt someone, and well that's the problem.
Our program emphasizes family, schoolwork sportsmanship and very simply treating people with respect. The sooner coaches with sportsmanship and integrity stand up to others the better. One game we asked the other bench during the game why the other team was acting the was it was. They stood there embarrassed and quickly changed their ways. They still won the game and girls won in the game of teaching respect and compassion. Another thing is coaches should take a few classes online at NFHS, many are free. Lots of great information. So keep coaching the right way and encourage those who need to do the same.

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