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Posted by daddyo on January 05, 2020 at 17:07:18:

In Reply to: Re: Interesting posted by BBParent on January 05, 2020 at 13:17:06:

: : : : : : Help me understand. Why do parents and players keep running to private schools? Especially in the OC. You run to a program and then you donít play you pay to sit and not get developed ? Whatís wrong with public schools? Hereís my two cents .... ypu make your situation great by your mindset towards it. Nobody researches good coaches anymore. Not every kid can play at private school. Then we have some who transfer from a private to a private and hope for different results ? The glitz and glamour is cute but some of these kids and parents need to experience the hunger it takes to get it out of the mud , go through some hard seasons and learn how lead, be better mentally as well as other things. A lot of these kids need to humble pie because many of the kids think if they go private it just falls in place. A lot of you need to really open your eyes to what youíre getting into. Everything that glitters isnít gold!

: : : : : A lot of parents do it because of the actual education and the fact your resume shows a private school instead of a public school. Itís not solely based on basketball and playing time. Some of these parents are actually smart because they realize Jr ainít going to be a stud in college so they try to get them a good education and hopefully it continues through college.

: : : : My daughter was the last kid on the bench on a TL varsity. Thought of transferring to a place where she'd play much more never entered into our equation. Basketball was part of a bigger picture-academic and moral formation was the main reason she was there and didn't want to leave.

: : : IMO, it is best to stay with local public school providing it offers an opportunity for quality education. Sports are secondary but not to private schools. The problem with the private schools that represent themselves as "Religious Schools" send the wrong message hiding behind the cloth. Using teenagers to show their schools as state and national athletic powers. It would be better for these so-called Religious schools to call themselves as Academies. IE Montverde Academy.

: : What makes private school education better than public school ? Because I know for a fact itís a ton of public schools that have better academics than private school. And if it was about education why not put them in magnet schools?

: Having had sins who went to both private and public schools as well as having sat in school boards for both I can say there is a substantial difference between the two. I personally believe you should send your kid to the type of school that best fits their needs and gives them the environment and weíll rounded experience they need. Private schools like public schools have different levels of academic offerings. Private schools in my observation and experience provide a unique community environment. Public schools common bond is that students live within a few blocks of each other. Most private schools draw from wider areas but also have bonds in religion, gender in the case of all boys it all girls schools, when parents are shelling out $10k to $20k per year they tend to pay greater attention to their kids education. Now Iím not putting private over public schools or visversa but indicating there are differences. There are many great public schools who offer a wide range of academics and athletic options. One other factor is private schools do run more independently than most public schools they are not limited to curriculum and leadership governed by the state which standardizes most things, maybe why so many public school families prefer charter it magnet schools for a bit more autonomy. The other kind of unmentioned factor is the discipline, private schools have long been credited with having more of an open door for utilizing more agressive policies. But the final choice is the parents and what they believe works best for their kids, and what they can afford.

I did both private and public. Thought academics at my public HS in the 1970's were better. Having said that-the Catholic HS my daughter went to has strong academics and also reinforced our values, in contrast to most public HS's which present the full PC spectrum. HS was the last chance for us to get things taught "our way"-when she got to college she is now getting a full dose of the "other side", which she has struggled dealing with.

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