Re: Boycott Damien Classic next year....

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Posted by Tournament director on December 31, 2019 at 10:45:46:

In Reply to: Re: Boycott Damien Classic next year.... posted by observer on December 31, 2019 at 10:35:20:

: : : : : : I agree with the boycott. That is ridiculous the prices they charge and charging players is sad.

: : : : : :People want to see Lebron's son play. Not Los Amigos vs Costa Mesa. ( No offense to those 2 schools

: : : : Have you watched any of the games? I have from my couch sipping Screwball whiskey thanks to KDOC. Bronny plays like 5 minutes a game. If people are going to watch his 5 minutes of run than they are dumber fans of the game than I expected. I would put my money on them wanting to see Boston, Bailey and Frank. Bronny is good and all but heís just a frosh on a stacked team.

: : : Let me give you another perspective on this issue. I understand the relevance of keeping tournamentís affordable and accommodating participants, however , these games are generally set up to not only bring in great basketball matchups but they are fundraisers for the host school. It takes a tremendous amount of man hours and cost to put on a decent tournament. If you have many great teams it will attract a good number of fans. Many high school venues are really challenged by trying to accommodate large crowds, trying to find and afford one of the larger venues can be costly and main times finding comparable availability is difficult. College arenas may be prohibitive because of conflicts with that schools own schedule . Allowing teams to stay after their own games is a nice to do but many times impossible to accommodate . Some tournaments have tried alternative methods like having the games projected in adjacent buildings for teams to watch games or having limits on amounts of players who can stay. If 2 or 3 teams stay after their games that could mean 40 to 59 seats are filled, in a 2000 seat gym thatís a fair amount of f sad pace . The fans who are willing to pay to get in may not be able to. Each one of these tournaments has a ďnutĒ to make in order to break even and hopefully make a profit , remember most of these are not done just for the love of the game but to make money to help fund the programs needs.

: : Now your talking crazy, Damien is just money hungry. You think they actually need this tournament to fundraiser? Do you what it cost to play basketball or any other sport there? Plus you have alumni, coming on bro. Smh

: your explanation is stupid laughable.. no place in this country charge the kids that are in the tournament to watch another game

Your ability to read is questionable. I never addressed the charging of players. Just explaining that many of these tournaments have limited space and are costly to put on. In my tournaments we provide each coach with a number of extra tickets , he can give those to his players who want to stay. However many times they are given to friends and coaches .
Each host school has itís own motivation for outing on a tournament but it takes more than just putting teams in the court.

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