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Posted by coach on November 13, 2019 at 07:38:22:

In Reply to: Re: How Many Games Do You Allow Players To Miss posted by daddyo on November 13, 2019 at 07:20:25:

: : : We’re missing something ... WHY is the player missing the games? Sure if he’s missing the games for reason that are questionable, sure take away his captaincy, bad mouth him in social media and hang him upside down by his shoelaces!

: : : But if the player is missing the games for reasons that may be more or as important than basketball, give him a break! This is his senior year of high school and his world is about to change.

: : : Here are some reasons that may fit into the “acceptable” column:
: : : - any activity related to his religious beliefs
: : : - any family activity his parents are requiring him to attend
: : : - any activity that his failure to complete compromises his chances of graduating
: : : - any activity related to his college selection process

: :
: : Retired Coach has a solid list - I would add that the family activity needs to fall under the once in a lifetime category: grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, a funeral, wedding are good examples. Mom’s 39th birthday party or family Christmas trip doesn’t make the cut for me.

: My daughter missed games due to mock trial competitions (for a grade) and for a family wedding in Cancun. Think the above list (with the caveat that family activity has to be major, like a wedding or funeral) is a good one.

: Generally coaches schedule around things like the SAT/ACT and finals to minimize conflicts. I do know of a coach that scheduled a 3 night out of town tournament right before finals this year-the more I thought it through I've come to like this idea as the coach can make players go to mandatory study hall in between games and meals.

I had a parent message me last weekend asking if we had any games that matter during the holidays- they want to go take a family trip to visit cousins. I told her that starting Monday 11/18, they ALL count. Might not be league, but they count. This past summer, they missed 2 1/2 weeks to go on vacation- so he missed about 45% of summer basketball- and because of the trip he couldn't take summer school to make up a class, so he now has a full schedule- This is a SR varsity player! I didn't mind too much about the missed games this summer- he's not a prospect, he was a 2-yr JV guy, but come on. Either he's in or he's out.

At another school I was at, it was common for kids to just disappear for 3-4 weeks for Christmas. Just up and gone.. show back up a month later- "I'm back coach. Did I miss anything?" 2 weeks of missed classes- no problem. Just crazy..

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