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Posted by OC Hoops on October 24, 2019 at 15:42:16:

In Reply to: Re: We are developing a problem in HS basketball posted by g on October 24, 2019 at 13:20:25:

: : : : : : : More and more tournaments are having teams drop before a regular season tournament. More and more teams are flaking out on fall and summer tournaments at the last minute. More and more teams are not honoring their commitments. This isn't travel basketball ladies and gentlemen, keep that type of culture out of high school its unprofessional and frustrating.

: : : : : : Agree completely!

: : The best is you allow a school to enter their teams (4) and based on your relationship with the Head Coach you allow them to play with the agreement that they will pay their fees and weeks AFTER the event you are still trying to collect and the coach is just not responding. You don't want to call them out but what do you do when you are out of pocket money for gym fees, refs, scorekeepers etc. and their just ignoring you SMH!!

: :
: : :
: : : : What do you do when a team with a signed contract calls and says we are not coming. sue them

: : : : main excuse is we have a new coach and he does not want to play,
: : : : or we received a better offer

: : : ** if your admin can't work out with their admin that it is unacceptable at late notice to cancel a contract then I would use the following guidelines:
: : : - don't extend an invite to that coach again.
: : : - when scheduling be aware that a participating school on go on offense to make sure they are committed.
: : : - have a very frank conversation with the withdrawing coach and explain the hardship and voice your displeasure with withdrawing. Hopefully it wont' happen to someone else down the road.
: : : **It is sad that such a lack of honor, core values, and standards is permeating much of our society. New ways aren't always better.

: : : : : Agree as well - one point. In a regular season high school tournament the tournament director should not consider their tournament filled until they have a signed contract. With the signed contract the participating team is obligated to honor the contract. If teams are bailing out on signed contract the Athletic Director/Admin need to get involved and enforce the contract. Those bailing out on a "handshake" agreement to participate, at the last minute, are not the type of leaders we need in the game at the high school level. With the change in the way games are counted prior to last season we are in an adjustment period in how non-league schedules are put together. Coaches need to plan early - of course, if you are waiting for the free agent season to end to know the make up of your roster - I guess it makes sense to dial in the schedule late. SMH

: It's pretty straight forward the process and penalties if you have a signed contract:

: 150. Where a written contract has been entered into, schools must carry out the provisions of the contract, subject to the following rules:
: 150.1 Where either school finds it impossible to meet a scheduled contest, it must notify the other school in writing and send a copy to
: the Commissioner of Athletics prior to the scheduled contest. In case the other school does not agree to the cancellation of the
: contest, the Commissioner shall make the final decision.
: 150.2 Any expenses incurred by the offended school such as officials’ fees, stadium rental, transportation, etc., shall be paid in full by
: the school breaching the contract.
: 150.3 When a school fails to engage in a contest agreed upon, without giving notice to the other school and securing an honorable
: release, it may be suspended from membership.
: 151. It is important that all schools confirm athletic contests in writing after they have been scheduled verbally by phone. This procedure will
: reduce the number of conflicts that seem to arise when contests are scheduled by phone. Appeals of athletic contests will carry added
: weight if the agreement for said contest is part of a written athletic contract.
: 152. Schools are responsible to fulfill their commitments made by previous school personnel. A change of administration, athletic director or coach, does not cancel out a scheduled contest made the previous school year.

G - thanks for posting the Blue Book section . I fear many of the newer coaches are unaware of the existence of such rules. Why ADs don’t follow these guidelines is beyond me.

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