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Posted by coach on October 11, 2019 at 08:43:27:

In Reply to: Re: Honest Question posted by Observer on October 07, 2019 at 14:33:35:

: Its one thing to blame a referee for losing a game, it's another thing for a referee to take it personal. At the end of the day coaches spend countless hours working with the kids, mentoring them on and off the court.

: In a scrimmage game, this is the opportunity for a referee to share his/her point of view, what the player could do differently, and explain calls to a coach, rather than attempt to be a hero.

: : : : : : The topic of referees is always confrontational.

: : : : : : With that being said here’s my take - first of all all referees are part time officials who chose to work for many reasons. And In CIF games, they are trained and only working 1 game at at time, separated by benches and bleacher and protected by administration and often police. They are also paid a “reasonable” fee.

: : : : : : In AAU tournaments, we set up the scene for disaster - the fans who believe their child is playing for a scholarship are 5’ away yelling at a referee who may or not be certified, who is working his 5th or 6th game of the day and who is getting paid $25-30 per game.

: : : : : Do any HS coaches out there take time to do a rules clinic for their parents so that they are aware of what they're screaming at? Like actually explain why screaming "3 Seconds!!!" while the players are fighting for a rebound makes no sense.. or explaining the closely guarded or traveling rules? If nothing else, it might keep your parents from looking like total buffoons and yelling about things they have 0 clue about.

: : : : I know in my area a lot of the older, more qualified referees are getting to the point where they are retiring. And they are having a very difficult time finding younger guys/gals to replace them. So if people keep complaining as much as they do now the shortage of refs is even going to get larger. Parents just need to respect the game as it is and one of the aspects of that is dealing with good and bad referees.

: : : In this day and age of sensitivity, people, including refs, are way more sensitive then they used to be. Crowds used to have chants to mock the refs back in the day "ref beats wife...ref beats his wife....." etc etc. It wasn't pretty but didn't hear about lack of refs then. At the same time parents are out of control. I love hearing parents scream stupid stuff at the refs that make absolutely no sense. They just make fools of themselves.

: : It's not that we are more sensitive today. Chanting things about spousal abuse should never be okay, attacking a ref, or anyone, verbally should never be okay. Slavery was once accepted, as was women not voting, children working, no seatbelts, and leeches to drain blood to cure illness. It's not being sensitive, it's being aware of what is right and wrong. The bigger issue is not being accountable for your own actions. Refs don't cause losses, play does. Everybody wants to blame a referee instead of the missed box out, poor screen, or lack of fundamentals.

Sure, most of the time the loss can be blamed on missed FTs, poor defense, a missed lay-up, etc. However, an official can have a certain effect on a game. As coaches, we never (hopefully) take the low rode and tell our teams "we would've won, if not for that cheating ref.." It's alway, you pust yourself in a bad position by missing those FTs in the 1st quarter or not blocking out on the boards in the 3rd qtr, etc.
But to say a ref has no effect is simply not true. Had a game where we were tied with 8 sec left and had the ball. My PG was literally tackled by a defender, loose ball, scooped up, lay-up, game over. Ref: "just gotta play through that contact.." That's one example of many where the result was highly influenced by an official. Do they want one team to win over another? Doubtful. But when kids put in the hours of practice, film, weights, etc for this particular game, they deserve that the only guys really getting paid that night (the refs) to be on their game, too. I don't care if this game isn't as big as MD-Bosco in the grand scheme of HS hoops- but it's the BIGGEST game of the night to the kids playing- whether it's a tiny church school, a low end neighborhood school that doesn't recruit or if it's the "big boys." Those kids deserve game officials who are on it.

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