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Posted by Coach on October 07, 2019 at 12:09:15:

In Reply to: Re: Honest Question posted by Caster Troy on October 06, 2019 at 11:40:08:

: : : The topic of referees is always confrontational.

: : : With that being said here’s my take - first of all all referees are part time officials who chose to work for many reasons. And In CIF games, they are trained and only working 1 game at at time, separated by benches and bleacher and protected by administration and often police. They are also paid a “reasonable” fee.

: : : In AAU tournaments, we set up the scene for disaster - the fans who believe their child is playing for a scholarship are 5’ away yelling at a referee who may or not be certified, who is working his 5th or 6th game of the day and who is getting paid $25-30 per game.

: : Do any HS coaches out there take time to do a rules clinic for their parents so that they are aware of what they're screaming at? Like actually explain why screaming "3 Seconds!!!" while the players are fighting for a rebound makes no sense.. or explaining the closely guarded or traveling rules? If nothing else, it might keep your parents from looking like total buffoons and yelling about things they have 0 clue about.

: I know in my area a lot of the older, more qualified referees are getting to the point where they are retiring. And they are having a very difficult time finding younger guys/gals to replace them. So if people keep complaining as much as they do now the shortage of refs is even going to get larger. Parents just need to respect the game as it is and one of the aspects of that is dealing with good and bad referees.

As someone who has been reffing for over 20 years and have my own referee company with certified officials, I am constantly training my officials in each sport. I teach professionalism, maintaining character, and to check your feelings at the door. This is in addition to the teachings our referees have in certification class.

On the other hand parents, coaches, players, and fans have gotten out of control with their behavior. As a formal basketball player I have never seen people become so irate with the referees. Just last weekend I saw a parent walk onto the middle of the court to confront a referee. Yelling and screaming in his face. This is unacceptable behavior that starts with the coaches. We as referees are looking to the coaches to keep their parents and players in check. But when coaches get out of control then it becomes an even bigger issue. The shortage of refs will continue as long as the lack of respect for the referees continue. We would to get younger and have young referees, but they are only going to take so much verbal abuse.

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