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Posted by Long time coach on September 24, 2019 at 08:44:59:

In Reply to: Re: When to Cut A Senior posted by Caster Troy on September 23, 2019 at 20:44:13:

: : : : If a returning senior is going to be the 12th or 13th man, is there any reason to keep the kid around when they havenít even been in the program for 2 years? We had a player transfer in last year and show up after Fall and we kept him because of his athleticism. The player hasnít developed at all and isnít participating in Fall Workouts. Am I wrong or should the player just be cut and the spot given to a younger player?

: : : It's time for that player to find a new activity. 4 year player that you kept through spring/summer. That's tough. If you have to cut those kids in the spring. In this situation it sounds like everyone needs to move on.

Before you give him his walking papers, ask him why he hasnít been at Fall workouts - maybe something is happening in his life that doesnít allow him to participate yet. As for keeping him on the roster, who cares if you keep 13 or 14? For most seniors, this is the last time theyíll put on a uniform and maybe being part of the team is all he wants. Donít need to be overly judgmental of the actions of a 17 year old who probably hasnít had the skills or money to be a club team player and is doing this so he can tell his children that at one time he was a varsity athlete.

: : I'd be straight forward with him and let him know he isn't going to get much playing time in close games. But if the kid isn't a distraction to the team I don't see a need to cut him. As long as his role is communicated and he's ok with that.

: If heís not participating in Fall workouts then sit him down and explain to him that in your eyes he isnít a part of the team because of his own actions. If he really wanted to be a part of the team heíd be working out with the guys now. I hate kids who want to be on ďvarsityĒ but donít want to put in the real work to be there.

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