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Posted by Lefty on July 10, 2019 at 23:40:45:

In Reply to: Re: Burbank High posted by Who on July 10, 2019 at 19:04:54:

: : : : : : : : : After the hiatus at Burbank High Last year I'm hearing that Burbank Adminitators will be very conservative and Hire a Teacher or an EX Teacher to coach team... No more off-site coaches and no more coaches with ties to travels teams. Ex Burroughs Coach and Teacher are leading candidates... Kids should transfer now if they don't want discipline.

: : : : : : : : ::Lol just about every coach has some sort of ties to a travel team.

: : : : : : : So what happens to the kids at Burbank HS now? One year for this guy and he leaves? "Family" - Really? Family? Where is the loyalty? Coaches come and they go. When a coach puts himself first and above the team, no one wins.

: : : : : : Coach left because a crazy mother. Itís too bad other parents didnít get involved and tell the mother to shut her mouth. In the end coaching sorry ass kids in Burbank isnít worth it. Letís remember Burbank went to the finals a few years ago and none of the stars from that team are playing college basketball today, so parents should try and enjoy the last few years of sports before it all ends. If coach left for any other reason you think heíd get hired that fast and at a school like South Pasadena which probably has more wealthier parents then Burbank???

: : : : : How many schools has this coach worked for now? Hasnt he coached for 6 or 7 different schools? Does he ever stay put at one school?

: : : : Potts put that family up to sabotaging Coach Ernest. If you notice Village Christian did nothing under the direction of POTTS. Now he wants what he once had. Pretty pathetic and desperate of him, but this is whats happening. Call me crazy but Potts will be back at Burbank, stealing their BANK.

: : : :: I can 100% guarantee Potts won't get the job.. He quit once and the city of Burbank don't rehire quitters. Especially when the person hiring the new coach is a lifetime Burbank person. Trust me on this one....

: : :: Avo has a better chance to get the job then Potts does... it would be embarassing for Potts to even apply after quit and left his team without a coach and made the school scramble for a coach.... If Potts left during the summer I'm pretty sure they would probably accpet him back but he quit after school started, and 2 of his best players transferred... LOL ... No chance
: :::::anybody know who is applying for the job? I would think Burbank needs to make a decision soon.

Tough to win at Burbank on a regular basis. PHS and CV are always better and Muir has talent and can be decent. Going to South Pasadena is a easy move. Weak league. Easy to be good to very good at that level quickly. Not much talent but no pressure at all to win. Country club job.

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