Re: CIF rules on AAU players playing high school ball for club coach

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Posted by Coach on May 28, 2019 at 19:30:25:

In Reply to: Re: CIF rules on AAU players playing high school ball for club coach posted by truth on May 27, 2019 at 16:12:40:

: : : : : : : : : Question, what is the rule/s on a high school athlete who plays on an AAU club team and decides to transfer to play for his club coach at a local high school?

: : : : : : : : Depends on if the previous school cares, If he played varsity then 30 day sit out, if the school challenges undue influence by the coach then it could be a full year sit out.

: : : : : : Actually, the rule is very clear. You cannot follow your club coach or any club asst coach on that staff to the high school they currently coach at. It is an automatic loss of Varsity eligibility for 1 calendar year. Even if you move residences, the rule is very clear.

: : : : : : : The SOP is automatic regardless if he played varsity or played freshman. Level is irrelevant. If there is a valid change of residence, then there is no SOP.
: : : : : : : If the kid transfers and is playing for his AAU coach at the new school, I believe it's a 1 year sit out.

: : : : : But the truth is as long as you dont go telling everyone at the school you are leaving then you wont have to worry about it.

: : : : If you don't tell anybody... And, then when you and that coach are exposed! Could mean the "death" penalty for coach and players high school career for "cheating!"

: : : So the bottom line is that kids and their families need to make a good decision on where they decide to go to high school and then stick it out for the 4 years. You're only there for 4 years, so sitting out a season just so you can be with your AAU coach (who may be out at any time, by the way) is just not worth giving up 1/4 of your high school career.

: : Or it could very well be worth it. If you are going to a better place then 3 years being in a quality program is better than 4 years in a bad situation.

: That's why I said do your homework ahead of time to make the right choice. If you're a family that has a kid in 8th grade, your open enrollment window in the HS district is open until Feb, usually. If you're trying to transfer to an out-of-district school, they would have windows as well in order to accept the transfer into the district. I'm convinced that most of the kids/families who end up transferring did little-to-no homework in their initial decision. They don't know the coach, they don't know the academic programs offered, they don't know the style of play, they don't know any of it. But they hear from all the chit-chat that this school is great and that school sucks.. So they go to the "great" school and find out that it's a horrible fit. Academics are a mess, coach plays a style that isn't conducive to little Jonny's skill set, parents are either uninvolved or are nightmares.. then they get into 10th grade and start wanting to leave- which would've all been avoided if they had done some homework ahead of time.
: So no, losing 1/4 of your HS career trying to chase your AAU coach isn't worth it. If you're going to follow him, go in 9th grade and buy-in 100%. If not, wherever you decide to go, buy-in 100% and make the most of it. Decision was made, so go all-in and stop looking around to see if something is better. Chances are it may not be.

LOL - You kidding right? This "Transfer" business is a business - its been going on for years and years - my opinion is - kids today have very little loyalty to their school - many will transfer elsewhere in order to get more playing time and possible exposure. It is going on everywhere. I dont like it - im old school - loyalty matters - but not so these days.

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