Re: Jeanie Buss is a Major Laughing Stock of NBA

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Posted by tmz on April 10, 2019 at 18:18:42:

In Reply to: Jeanie Buss is a Major Laughing Stock of NBA posted by Simon Says on April 10, 2019 at 17:44:06:

: : : : : : wow - magic called a press conference and announced he is quitting. wow. and - he told reporters - he didnt advise Jeanie Buss - LOL - fame and fortune is fleeting. Just ask Lebron.

: : : : : Magic did the Lakers a favor quitting but the manner in which he did it was totally classless .

: : : : Jeanie would've begged him to stay as Magic leaving only shows that no one in the organization knows what they're doing.

: : : : It's his way of telling Jeanie, "you need to change your approach drastically or step down".

: : : : This drastic action is also in response to the constant leaks in the organization (failed KCP trade to Chicago just came out yesterday), as well as the passive-aggressive needling Pelinka has directed at Magic since taking over.

: : : : Bottom line is, if the president can't fire the GM and coaching staff, he never really was the president. Jeanie had the only authority in Lakerland since 2017, and she doesn't relish being the
: : : boss. Magic never wanted to work with Rob, Kobe gave bad advice to hire him.

: : : Quit blaming everyone else!
: : : Magic was Doomed when he signed Lebron James, selfish, Self Promoting James tried to get Luke Walton Fired and Jeanie Buss stuck by her Coach, Magic turned into a kiss ass to Lebron. She is just like her dad, had the Final Say on every thing.
: : : Trade LeBron to the Pelicans and let him play with AD. Bring Julius back, a line up with Lonzo, BI, Kuzma, Julius and McGee I would root for, I was disgusted this be year watching LeBron slow down the game so he could Score 27 points a game. Give Lonzo the ball and let him get the other 4 starters 20 points a game. Now there is a Winner!

: : Are you kidding? The team you just put together sucks worse than what we have now! Randle can't shoot, McGee can't shoot, Ingram can't spot up and is only average when he isn't the one creating. Luke Walton runs sets with one action and then iso if there are no mismatches created by the initial action. He doesn't stress the importance of hedging on defense, and don't mention his rotations, which have more combinations than a bad Chinese takeout spot.

: : Ball gets transition and system assists from the offense, he makes sharp passes, but defenders can treat him like Greg Paulus at this point in his career. He has no go-to moves and can't finish or draw fouls. Kuzma is brainless on defense, and is a volume shooter.

: : LeBron may be asking for a trade soon, so you could get your wish. Randle will be a free agent, however.

: "probably is a loser and always has been". Is this a similar statement Blind Ding Bat Jeanie Buss said about Dwight Howard? NO wonder nobody wants to play for you Jeanie. You suck spoiled rotten little girl

Well to be fair KD and Kobe said worse things about him, and that bigfoot situation didn't help his street cred

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