Re: School District Charges Bball Program During Regular Season.

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Posted by 29.5 on April 10, 2019 at 15:51:41:

In Reply to: Re: School District Charges Bball Program During Regular Season. posted by Parent on April 10, 2019 at 13:22:24:

: : : : : : As a parent of high school player its appalling that my son's district is charging his high school team to use the gym during the regular season. That has to be a violation of some sort of law?????

: : : : : That is beyond disgusting. Out the district? Where is this happening? I find it bad enough when districts charge their teams during the summer. How are you supposed to build a team/program? Shows no support. Please tell which is doing it in season!

: : : : It's common for many schools to charge their sports teams/players during the "summer" season, they call it Summer Sports Camp, every player regardless of sport pays around $100-200 to the school. Teams than have to raise their own $$$ to pay for tournaments, etc.

: : : : Having to pay the school to use the gym/field/pool/diamond/etc during their actual HS Season is unheard of it, but if it's true, I don't see how any Coach would not resign ASAP, that's too much headache to deal with.

: : : Temecula Valley School District is the one doing it.

: : Districts will charge for use of the gym outside of regularly scheduled work hours. This is to cover the cost of the overtime for any custodians or other employees needed to maintain and clean the facilities both during and after the game.

: : Now, if a team is being charged to play say, their friday night league game, then that is an issue...but I doubt that is the scenario we are referring to here since the OP gave no greater detail outside of "regular season." If the kid's school doesn't schedule custodians after 2pm on Saturdays and the coach schedules a 5pm game, then they will pay. You'll find the same thing for holidays too.

: Let me clarify. It is a rental charge for any tournament held at the school. They already have to pay custodial even if itís a regular school day and they have a tournament. They have to pay custodial during the week for banquets too. So if a team basketball, wrestling, track wants to have a tournament they are being charged a rental fee for the facility and a custodial fee.

Than don't show up. Keep on paying the fees, they will keep charging more and more and as much as possible. Why? Because people continue to pay it. How about everyone unite for a year or two (it must be done to make this happen) and they will fold and cut or eliminate cost. California schools have the money. They choose to use it elsewhere. When the California Lottery first came out, 30% of the funds were to go to the school districts. Never happened did it!. Wake up people. They in charge of the state of California have been ripping us off every year for well over last 20 years. They in charge have and only have been Democrats. Just pointing out truths why parents have to pay. Being ripped off by those ultimately in charge. Power to the people.

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