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Posted by Hoops on March 14, 2019 at 08:31:11:

In Reply to: Re: Pay your fees....... posted by Fan of the Game on March 14, 2019 at 01:42:50:

: : : What a bunch of raunchy people they employ.

: : Pretty shady that these universities have no checks and balances when it comes to appropriating money to their programs. Where is the oversight? Where are the so called "leaders" of these institutions. HIGHER EDUCATION at its finest!

: : The funny thing is now this type of mentality has spawned itself into the HS ranks. Look at Sierra Canyons programs, both girls and boys. All "recruited" PAID for players. No real development, just poaching high-level talent and coaching ALL STAR TEAMS. What happens to the kids that went to that school from kinder? DOn't the parents who pay full tuition see their rightful opportunities for their kids being passed on to "outsiders" and "free loaders"? Give me a break......pimp the kids to highest bidder, have them follow different rules, and teach them no values. NO WONDER our world is how it is.

: I agree. What saddens me is this - High School Basketball used to be played by kids who grew up in the local area and neighborhood. Kids who live in the area and who competed and those players that were the best made the High School varsity team and played for their school. Not anymore. Now, kids "transfer" to schools every year. They transfer in order to play for certain teams and certain coaches. Teams like Sierra Canyon to me - are a disgrace. A total disgrace. They make a mockery our of High School basketball. They are NOT local kids who grew up in the area and worked hard in order to make the team. They are a collection of super players who go there to play basketball and make a name for themselves. I dont get it. What price glory?

: These High Schools that recruit the best players in order to have winning programs should compete against similar schools.

You right they do play against similar schools....its the OPEN division and most of Division 1.

The rest play in the other divisions.....but the media and twitter heads and don't care about those divisions. They just feed the hype and create the desire to accumulate talent.

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