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Posted by truth on March 10, 2019 at 11:54:37:

In Reply to: Re: Sierra Canyon looks good posted by Popscout on March 09, 2019 at 02:24:58:

: : : : : : : Like what they've done in terms of player development throughout the year. KMart jr. is now -at least- shooting the rock from outside the paint, working on his form, release, and confidence. Still needs a lot of work but at least he's fighting those demons. SC got Koloko involved very well against Mater Dei. You could see his presence made an impact on the game. The fact that his teammates were actually looking to feed him the rock and he was finishing, was invigorating and a joy to watch. I love seeing elite teams make a conscious effort to run sets and reward their bigs. Against Rancho Christian, in the game of the year, he had 1 FG attempt which some would say, cost SC the 'Dub'. Great job SC coaching staff of making the adjustments, players being ready to accept their roles throughout the course of the season, and just making big time plays at the highest level in HS BBall. We still feel that Cassius Stanley is a one and done. We loved his willingness to play defense on Devin Askew, holding him to under 20 (18 pts), playing lock-down man to man D for the full game family. We think Cassius was snuffed from the Mickey D's Game. Keep your confidence young man. The basketball Gods will be shining down on you soon.

: : : : : : : Askew is a beast who should be another player from the West Coast getting a long look from NBA personnel when it's all said and done. He's a 5 star PG, no questions asked. Mater Dei will be tough to beat the next two seasons and might go back to back, winning both Open and State both years.

: : : : : : : SC should steam-roll their way to victory Saturday. We appreciate the hospitality that you show and the high level of play that your teams bring to the table.

: : : : : : : Popscout
: : : : : : : Elevate Yo' Game

: : : : : : SC represents EVERYTHING that is wrong about HS basketball and sports. Recruiting - transfers to make a super team? For what? Fame and fortune? Notoriety? It all stinks - to me -doing what they did is what is wrong about HS basketball. How or why would you care about this team? Its a team of all stars - not a team of kids who grew up in the area and who played local ball. It stinks,

: : : : : unfortunately what you describe is a thing of the is about the super teams....from NBA to even junior's an all star team...some people get hyped about it....i, like you, don't...can't get mad at it....just has evolved into it....good or team that you described equates to a mid-major college team....if they get real far in CIF it's special....they should make "transfer divisions" to make it truely fair to all.

: : : : : Why canít they create a division for just private schools? Is it that difficult?

: : : Some public schools recruit also. The algorithm is supposed to capture the transfer teams but itís imperfect because you can manipulate the variables.

: : That's what the OPEN is for the top teams with transfers! I mean if a team doesn't have transfers and makes the OPEN then yeah/awesome for them. Even if they lose in the CIF portion, they can prove themselves to be the next best in State D1. The system now is better and I would say "good" other than the Pool play idea this year. I hope that is eliminated!

: You mention HS BBal stinks because of teams like Sierra Canyon, transfers, etc. but you never mentioned the fact that LAUSD/CIF participating schools pay public school coaches less than minimum wage (we not going to talk about the lack of resources), thus most of the time can only hire coaches who have little to no clue about the intricacies of the game of basketball but want to be around it now cause it's popular and their good at NBA 2K or can get a few players together to start an AAU team where they show little to no player development year after year. You are like most out here. Wanna pin the blame on someone else / other programs without addressing the real issues.

: Until you and EVERYBODY else are ready to talk about the real issues confronting HS Hoops in Cali' such as systemic racism and political reasons, then get a life buddy. I teach at a public school where none of the teachers' kids attend - let me change that, 2 teachers bring their kids. Pretty sure it's like that across LAUSD, the 2nd biggest district in the world. 99% of lausd teachers send their kids to private schools (go figure). The recent LAUSD teacher strike didn't even mention athletic coaches in their proposal. Was not brought up at all now you running your mouth. All the hard work these coaches put in, extra hours with no pay, using their cars and shit traveling to games and dropping off kids, and the impact they have on inner city kids lives?? Giving them hope for tomorrow when the world shows them no respect? You stink. You create these issues because of your race hate, then others go around blaming without addressing the real issue: Your race-hating system that continues to hold others down and then you play the dumb role. Did I mention I'm not a kid but turning 50? Hold one of your BA degree's in TV/Film, went to the 'Shaw when that meant something and we were #1 in the nation that year? A time when most of you would have been scared or not allowed to even pull into the parking lot. I hope that puts things into perspective for you Socal hoops junkies moving forward. PS I also been teaching for the past 15 years at LAUSD schools. Y'all funny out here family.

Good Lord.. you're a teacher? then please, never write a memo to your principal. At least have the pride to write correctly in complete sentences.
So, you went to the 'Shaw when most wouldn't ever go there or "wouldn't be allowed".. Who would be keeping most of us out? The racist teachers? It's a silly statement.

Also, you can't have it both ways. You talk about 99% of public school coaches don't know anything, are only coaching because they're good at 2K, etc. Then you talk about how they make no money and get no respect. What is it? Are they worthless like you said first? Or are they underappreciated? You can't have it both ways.
99% of LAUSD teachers send their kids to other schools (you assume they all go to private schools). First, that's their business. But if they teach in LA, but they live in Long Beach or the Valley or OC, why would they bring their kids in with them? Second, if they're sending them to a private school, maybe that's an indictment on how LAUSD is run. Maybe they see the inefficiency at the admin level, see the high teacher turnover rates, and the unruliness of some of the students. Why should they be condemned for trying to make sure their own kids get an actual education, don't have to deal with the gang issues, and don't have to worry about their teachers leaving for better jobs (or jobs outside education altogether)? Third, you condemn the teachers in LAUSD who allegedly send their kids to private school, yet you prop up a factory like Sierra Canyon? Good grief. What do you really believe in?
Please, stop making every damn thing about race. You have 0 credibility because you don't even know what you believe in. Are coaches unqualified or are they unvalued? Are teachers bad for putting their kids in a private school or are private schools the answer?

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