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Posted by Guarded Opinion on February 28, 2019 at 10:10:55:

In Reply to: Re: Transfers posted by Loyalty on February 28, 2019 at 09:31:33:

: : : : : Maybe next year you guys will just play the game and stay off the board. Oakwood and Santa Clarita Christian received INSTANT KARMA for spouting off at the mouth.

: : : : LOL - Lets see if i understand you. So, IF someone loves their team and posts it but NEVER - repeat, NEVER insults anyone or mentions anyone by name, you think that is wrong? Last time i checked, SoCal Hoops allows hoops fans to express their feelings and love for their team. Because YOU dont like it, it shouldnt be posted? That sounds like you want to suppress opinions. wow -

: : : : : : : : : : : Anyone have any scores from tonights State playoffs? So many good games. Thanks

: : : : : : : : : wow - anyone have any details of this game? #4 seed Sage Hill was playing at home against #12 seed Oakwood. This game must have been super. 63-62? wow

: : : : : : : : I thought Oakwood was supposed to Win CIF and State this year, all I heard the last month was how great they were and the Big man was going to dominate everyone. What a disappointing end to the season losing in the championship and 1st round of state.

: : : : : : : Oakwood lost by 1 point to Sage Hill at Sage Hill - big home court advantage. This was a HUGE game for Oakwood and they battled a top 10 D5 team to the final second. Disappointing? Sure -but i am very proud of the team - they defied the odds and they beat de Toledo and they beat Pacifica Christian and they played Western Christian tough on Saturday and tonight they lost by 1 point. Oakwood is a small school who was 5-19 last year. They came within 1 point of beating Sage Hill and moving on to play Santa Clara. Id say Oakwood did very well this season. They have an outstanding young coach and their future is bright.

: : : : : : Thought we would at least get 1 championship, didnt win league, didnt win CIF, didnt win State. Hopefully coach can recruit in some more players because we will be in a tougher division next year.

: : : BUT, what they DID win is something you CANNOT buy. They won respect. They earned that. They had one kid transfer in and they were able to rally around him and win. IF the transfer had played all season, they would have won League for sure. And BTW, this transfer student, averaged about 30 points a game in his 8 games or so. Not bad - wait until next year.

: : Many private schools these days get transfers who come to the school for a quality education as well as the chance to play on a fun, winning team and have a positive experience. What I have seen at some schools is, the transfer super players arrive and of course make the team but sometimes it means less playing time for the other kids who may have been attending that school for many years. Is that fair? I dont know, you decide. What price glory?

: Usually its a loyalty issue when kids feel betrayed having trained with a coach for 2 or 3 years and then a kid transfers in and takes all the minutes that the coach spent 0 time with the previous years. In this case the Oakwood coach was new so im sure he doesnt feel anything putting those kids on the bench and giving the transfer as many minutes as he could handle.

I agree 100%. He was new and his only "loyalty" was to the school that hired him. They asked him to coach the team as fairly and as professionally as he could. Based on the results, i d say he accomplished that. It has to be tough when the transfer kid comes in and the coach must sit someone who previously was getting more PT. But the catch 22 of course is if he sits someone, they may not like it and get mad. If he doesnt play the new kid, they dont win as much and dont make it to the finals and State. Its a balancing act of sorts. And lets say next year, they get in another transfer student/player? This happens everywhere. Private schools can do this and it goes on everywhere. Bottom line? Its competition, if you want to be on the team, earn your spot. Easier said than done i know.

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