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Posted by ITK on February 22, 2019 at 13:58:03:

In Reply to: Re: Need info on reclassifying/holdback posted by It can be done with a petition I think on February 22, 2019 at 12:03:01:

: : : This is not for my son. A father of club teammate of his wants to know how to reclassify backwards. I told him I donít think it can be done.

: : : His son is currently class of 2021 and started school late so he turning 17 later in the summer. His played freshman and JV ball these past two years. However he quit jv with 4 games left and withdrew from school to home school (had a unweighted 4.0 btw) think that this may buy him time back somehow. Now wants to move back to class of 2022 and play 15u this summer. Crazy I know. Thing is I know his 8 semester clock already started to tick when he enrolled at his local HS and he also registered as class of 2021 last year with USABB for the Adidas Gauntlet events we played in.

: : : Yes it is crazy and short-sighted. Can anyone point me to info like links I can show his dad to let him know this wonít work. Or let me know if I totally off base on this. Thanks

: : His clock started, there is no holding back once you are in high school, he can go to a prep school after if he wants. But seeing how he was on JV as a sophomore i think the focus should be on keeping that 4.0 and getting an academic scholarship.

: Taft HS just had a player this year - senior/going to graduate that is all league performer. Started with Valencia back in 2014-15 season as a freshman on their JV. Resurfaced at Golden Valley 2016-17 on their Varsity and quit at halftime during 1 of their Dec games. Found a home in Taft and played varsity last and this year. So somehow the clock can keep ticking if you get it all cleared via CIF.

You get essentially 4 years (or 8 consecutive semesters) to compete in high school interscholastic athletics. The person who posted that the "clock" begins when you enroll, is correct. So it is technically not possible (at least not without some official CIF intervention) to "reclassify" to gain another year of eligibility.

The exception to this is for "hardship" cases, and these are truly extraordinary circumstances. For example, Nick Young was allowed an extra year because of a death in his family that kept him from attending school, so he got the missed year back. Generally speaking, the types of hardships that the CIF will consider are things like that, a family death, a debilitating illness or injury that keeps the student from even attending school for a lengthy period.

Things that do NOT qualify are simply quitting a team and sitting out because the student didn't get along with his teammates or coaches.

Unless there is something in this kid's recent family or medical history that has kept him from attending school, or which actually prevented him from doing so, his clock will run out and he will not be able to compete when he is a 2021 "senior".

Additionally, there is also a CIF age limit (see Bylaw 203), and essentially it is this: a student cannot turn 19 prior to June 15; if he does, then he will be ineligible to compete in the next academic year.

Bottom Line: Once you enter high school, unless you qualify for a "hardship" exception, there is no "holding back" or gaining an additional year of eligibility: You get 8 semesters (4 years) and that's it.

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