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Posted by How the Sausage is made! on February 21, 2019 at 08:20:48:

In Reply to: Re: OC AND IE Coaching Changes posted by OC Hoops on February 20, 2019 at 08:41:03:

: : Before you jump on the “fire Morris” bandwagon at Servite, you first need to look at the job and the you might realize how Morris has done a decent job there.

: : As someone who actually coached at Servite, here’s my 2 cents worth: It is always difficult selling a school to players (especially transfers) that is all boy, all about discipline and the Credo, focused on academics and athletically is, an always wil be, a football school. The administration is proud of the accomplishments of secondary programs like wrestling, soccer and water polo but when it comes to funding high end programs, the donors’ checks always come from football famlies. Trust me it is a tough place, especially if it means playing in the Trinity.

: The reality is that most of these positions will not change coaches. Most administrators are either comfortable with the coach or have not provided the coach with any support and therefore feel guilty about making the coach the fall guy. They don't want a losing record to be a reason for letting a coach go for fear of opening the flood gates with other programs parents going down the same road. Sometimes they will exert pressure with the hope of the coach resigning. The only thing that seems to get a coach out nowadays is a serious error on the coaches part with respect to conduct or character, a district admin influenced by parents stepping in at a public school, or the wrong money guy pissed off at a private school. Most of these schools don't have admins that have any idea of how to run a high school athletic program. Long gone are the days of former head coaches becoming AD's, then AP's, then Principals or Teacher, Department Head, AP, then Principal. Nowadays you have very young people in school administration that frankly have not spent enough time in the classroom to really understand how the entire system is supposed to function. They are just there on there way up to a BS, high paying district job. Don't get me started on the nonsense in school administrations at the private schools who claim to have the moral high ground, but their lack of core values and alignment with the school's supposed mission in how they run their athletic departments is staggering. "Just Win Baby"

Although Morris may not get the W's he does help shape these young men into men. Servite puts this above all and if winning occurs than it does and its a nice bonus. Morris works hard at what he does. Yes it doesn't translate into W's yet maybe it will maybe it wont. Only time will tell with this new class. Be realistic. Tim Kelley was a go getter and the best he could ever get is Blake Wallace. Servite is a tough job because the kids are held accountable and Servite both in the classroom and off. Servite sets high standards and does not deviate from those standards just to grab a W here and there. I am not a Servite alum nor do I have anything to gain by building up Morris or the Friars, let alone tear them down.

The Trinity League will look different very soon with McKnight stepping down soon, MD will suffer, OLU is trending down, Bosco will be set for the next handful of years, Santa Marg will be set, Servite with its young class could make a run at a top 3 finish. I would like to see them get more W's too especially out of the Trinity League. It is a hard place to Win at for sure.

Kevin Reynolds would be a disservice to Servite, really good basketball coach , good recruiter but not a shaper of men and that would erode Servite's mission statement. The other public school guys would be the same as Morris. I don't know who could really turn that job around because of the rigors the school set. If they bent a little bit and acted like the other schools and turned a blind eye to a F in class, or a detention and let the kid play to just get a W you would for sure see more W's. I applaud the accountability, its a rare thing in this society today!

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