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Posted by truth on February 20, 2019 at 21:19:39:

In Reply to: Re: OC AND IE Coaching Changes posted by Basketball Junkie on February 20, 2019 at 16:10:52:

: : : : : : The Fullerton’s High School new gym will not be available next season.

: : : : : : What about jobs in the Inland Empire

: : : : : : How does Citrus Hill continue to underachieve with a top notch facility?

: : : : : : How does Corona Santiago continue to perform terribly every season?

: : : : : : What about the Alta Loma coach who has not performed?

: : : : : : What about Jurupa Hills who has yet to win a playoff game?

: : : : :
: : : : : :
: : : : : : : : Any word on possible coaching changes since it's been a couple of weeks now since the end of the season for most schools?

: : : : : : : : Here were things I had picked up over the season during lots of old man gossip. Any other coaching situations worth talking about? I've only tried to identify situations where there are issues that I have heard about from other families, coaches, or seen discussed on this board.

: : : : : : : : Foothill
: : : : : : : : Parents in the program have not been happy. it's not just the varsity team's performance, but influential lower level parents have been unhappy with the overall running of the program in general. It's always tough having a successful local collegiate coach as a parent, but I think their current coach is in over is head there relative to parental expectations.

: : : : : : : : Servite
: : : : : : : : Is this going to be the year where they decide to part ways with Morris? They had some quality freshman play varsity for them and contribute, which is great experience but can it be perceived as finally being the turn for Servite into putting a team on the court that is competitive within their league? Or does admin even care to put forth the effort/money?

: : : : : : : : Fullerton
: : : : : : : : Coach departs right at end of season after a pretty successful year given they lived and died by the 3. Who takes this job and gets a new gym out of it, all while having to play in the very competitive Freeway League?

: : : : : : : : Mission Viejo
: : : : : : : : Roelen has been pretty vocal about his displeasure with admin since his return, while at the same time his son played on jv this past season. That could go either way but I bet he hangs out till his son graduates.

: : : : : : : : Valencia
: : : : : : : : Is Yosh going to continue? He's getting up there in years and has appeared to relinquish more and more to his assistants. I personally have always liked the guy, but he has been there for a very long time and a change might be good for everyone.

: : : : : : : : Orange Lutheran
: : : : : : : : There was a lot of talk about this being the final season for Nordstrom. They ended up having a good season in my opinion, but what was the expectation? Was a quarterfinal appearance in 2AA enough?

: : : : : : : : Northwood
: : : : : : : : Is O'Brien returning? Their interim club guy inherited a tough situation, does he stay if O'Brien decides he can't physically coach anymore. I hope he does, one of the best in OC.

: : : : : : : : Yorba Linda
: : : : : : : : Their parents are rough and have unreal expectations, while at the same time I would argue that with all the players that choose to go to Yorba Linda instead of Esperanza, Esperanza consistently outplays Yorba annually.

: : : : : : : : Los Alamitos
: : : : : : : : I'll admit I only saw them play once this season, which was very early on at the event at Edison HS. I bring them up because of their recent struggles in the past two years and the constant chatter I hear about the coach, which I have no firsthand knowledge about. I thought their team was better than their record.

: : : : : : : Foothill - the school has to decide if they are going to stand by a young coach that was not ready for the job they gave him. Unrealistic parent expectations are part of the deal at Foothill, especially after the run they had with the former coach. The school should have done what they needed to do to keep the prior coach and they wouldn’t find themselves in this situation.

: : : : : : : Servite - a change there is needed for all involved, Coach Morris included.

: : : : : : : Orange Lutheran - more or less a place for club events and for club players to play with a lot of freedom and few demands. With all of the $$$$ the school has and is spending on athletic facilities one would think they would want a more competitive product.

: : : : : : : Fullerton - with a new gym and a very good basketball league that could be a fun job for a good young coach.

: : : : : : : Mission Viejo - Roelen is a skilled coach, but could use some work in the play well with others category.

: : : : : : : Los Al - gold mine job.

: : : : : : : Valencia/Yorba Linda - both decent jobs with an ok talent level available.

: : : : : : : Northwood - Coach O’Brien one of the top coaches for a long time in the county. Hope he can make a full recovery and live a long life.

: : : : : Underacheiving Coaches and Programs! 1.Orange Lutheran 2. Los Alamitos 3. Marina 4 Foothill 5.Santa Ana Valley 6.Los Amigos 7.Anahiem 8.Western 9.El Modena 10.Brea.11.Servite All these Programs should be good every year! No excuses!

: : : : Whoa...SA Valley, Los Amigos, Anaheim, Western, and Elmo are nowhere near the same category as the other schools listed. Maybe 30 years ago, but not anymore. Valley hasn't been good since what, the 80's? ElMo hasn't had any big success for about 10 years. Brea has no players. Anaheim has no players. Western has no players. And it's not like they are in the area and are going to other schools. Those schools shouldn't be included in this conversation, it's not the kids or the coaches fault.

: : : Like this site! I think Coaches can develop players all over. Sometimes the kids do not put in the time. So its a combination of Head Coaches not caring, not putting in the time, not having them play on good Club Teams, and trying to make money for the assistant Coaches by having a bad feeder team. Feel bad for Coaches now days, do not make any money!

: : You have no clue what you're talking about. At those central OC schools mentioned above, here is what you get..
: : Occasionally you get a solid few freshmen and you get excited that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At some point there are eligibility issues, a kid gets in trouble for getting in a fight or being under the influence. Then you get to the season and right around Christmas multiple kids disappear for weeks on end for their annual trip to visit family south of the border. Even though they have 2 weeks off, they take an extra week on the front end and an extra week on the back end. Meanwhile that's 4 weeks of the season- shot. Then you have kids who have literally nothing and the coaches feed them and give them shoes. Then, to "do their part for the family" they get jobs and give their paychecks to the family to pay rent. There is always the allure of joining the big brother's gang or just hanging out with their friends because, let's face it, practice is hard. In the event that a kid stays out of the pitfalls of the neighborhood, a lot decide to go play a 2nd sport and hopefully they don't get hurt right before the season.

: : To say that the coaches at these schools "don't care" or "don't put them in good club programs".. you literally have 0 idea what you're talking about. To say some of these schools "should be winning.. there's no excuse for losing.." is about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Go see what it's like at Valley, or Los Amigos, or Anaheim, or Western.. You'd be shocked

: Coaches you win or you lose! No excuses, this is why your the Coach and they keep score on a Scoreboard! Lose Alamitos and Lose Amigos = Lose! OLU pay big money to go there, watch the "So called Pros or some say Division 1 Players" play and lose. Good news your on the bench being a good cheerleader. Servite WoW1 When is the last time they have been in the Playoffs, won a game, or won C.I.F? Marina- Who has 4 kids going to play in College and loses? Westminster High School "Go steal players and still lose"! Own it or get out of the business!

I don't care what kind of "junkie" you are.. there is absolutely 0 in common with the central OC teams and the teams that steal players. You literally have no clue what you're talking about when you talk about a place like "Lose" Amigos. You've got no clue what kind of kids they get or what conditions they deal with. The fake comparison to "Lose" Al or to the guys who "steal players" like at Westminster are absolutely ludicrous. The coaches at a place like Los Amigos literally are raising these kids and basketball is just the mode for doing it. They're not going to win. This isn't college basketball- it's about a lot more than winning. It's about teaching kids how to be grateful, how to push through the difficulties and not accept less than their best. Yeah, I guess their 5'10 post player should be better- the coach should be better at making him be 6'6. The 5'6 PG should be way better and get more shots up after practice if only he didn't have to run to Taco Bell to clock in to make money for the family.. What a ludicrous post. You want to criticize the "collectors" and the cheats? Have at it. The guys who are trying to build a team the right way- with the kids from their neighborhoods- back off..
Oh, and Marina has 1 low major D1 guy and a D2 guy.. NOT 4 college players. Go watch a game once in a while.

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