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Posted by ps on February 18, 2019 at 14:35:01:

In Reply to: Re: Curious! posted by Will they have sustainability and be able to compete in higher division? on February 18, 2019 at 10:31:08:

: : : Hey Oakwood fan answer me this if you can. You seem to know the Oakwwod program, admin, coaches etc pretty well. I'm glad you are excited about your squad...but what I want to know is could the SARGE have taken this team this far? Looks to me that Oakwood actually got the BEST of ND's "National Search". He has (2) D1 studs at ND and can't get it done. Are Gorilla fans thankful that he moved on and can be mediocre elsewhere? Just curious......Thoughts on the past?

: : Honestly Mr "Curious" - i dont have a clue. - I wasnt as much an Oakwood fan back in the "Sarge's" days - i knew a few players who played there but their team was usually doing poorly so i didnt follow them as much as i do now. I follow them now because i know many people there now who are affiliated with the team and the program.

: : :
: : : : : Just got home from the game. Oakwood is strong - they are probably playing as well as a team can play right now. What impressed me the most was their discipline. They pass the ball really well and they are always moving without the ball and cutting and of course their Big man is really strong. Add it all up, and you have a very strong and very competitive team. Final was 63-32. Good job Oakwood - we will wait and see who they will play next week in the championship game.

: : : : These posts are now more annoying than the Mike moore posts.

: They are only winning now due to the transfer from Notre Dame. Couldn't cut it in the toughest league so getting points in the lowest division. Many players could do this if they wanted, but most actually want to play with better players and vs Top 50 players/etc.

In general, you are right but what if, (IF), in this case, or any case for that matter, there is More to the story than just wanting to score "points"? You are making it sound as though the young man transferred in order to score points. I have no idea but there "could" be more to why he transferred that has nothing to do with hoops. (Just sayin)

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