Re: Oakwood defeats Carpinteria 63-32

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Posted by open minded fan on February 17, 2019 at 14:27:22:

In Reply to: Re: Oakwood defeats Carpinteria 63-32 posted by Actually on February 17, 2019 at 13:24:42:

: : : : : : : Just got home from the game. Oakwood is strong - they are probably playing as well as a team can play right now. What impressed me the most was their discipline. They pass the ball really well and they are always moving without the ball and cutting and of course their Big man is really strong. Add it all up, and you have a very strong and very competitive team. Final was 63-32. Good job Oakwood - we will wait and see who they will play next week in the championship game.

: : : : : : These posts are now more annoying than the Mike moore posts.

: : : : : Oakwood simply won their game. Advances to championship game next week,,Thats just stating a fact,

: : : : Why are these posts more annoying? Im simply giving the fams who care the score. Why Does that bother you. Just the score bothers you? Get a life.

: : : No, you get a life. You are doing nothing other than bringing negative attention to the program. Whether you are the head coach or just an over zealous parent, people like you create a reputation for their programs. You are setting an expectation now for the boys on the team, who have no idea what you are doing, and ultimately whether it be next Saturday or next season, people will be saying negative things about those boys no matter what. No matter what you say, that is what you are doing. You are not objective and you are talking up a 5A team, which is a division full of very small schools whose goal for athletics is minimal by choice. It's not good enough for you to just be along for the ride, you are just like everyone else in society today who wants everyone to look at them and notice them. To quote a lot of stupid people, "game recognize game," if you have to draw attention to yourself, that is telling enough.

: : : I would hate having a parent/supporter/etc talk about my team in the way that you do. You obviously don't get it(and you will say so), but there is a consequence.

: : Freedom of speech is a right we all have. The poster merely stated that their favorite team won. They didnt say anything that was demeaning to anyone. They stated a fact, their team won and played well. YOU are reading way too much into this. This team hasn't done very well in many years and this year they are playing so well. The poster is happy for the players and the coaches and the school. TO look for a problem when none exists is "telling enough".

: This was probably the least annoying, and literally just factual post that "Oakwood Fan" (I'm assuming this is the same person who started this thread, and who has been pounding away on the board in earlier postings).

: There was no hype in this post. No claim Oakwood will take a State title as in prior messages-- which is a ridiculously silly thing to say since Division 5 at the state level has, in the past few years, been very well represented by San Diego and NorCal schools.

: The real problem that the last poster seems to relate to his that all of the earlier messages about Oakwood, the boasting that their "Big Man" (since when is 6'4" a "big" anywhere other than Division 5?) have taken their toll, and it is the cumulative effect that now has people reacting negatively every time they see even the simple mention of the name "Oakwood".

: I have to say that no matter how annoying Oakwood Fan's earlier stuff was, there is no way on this earth that Oakwood Fan has come anywhere close to the level of annoyance that Mike Moore has imposed on anyone visiting this board. He's the worst. Really, just the worst.

I take all of the posts with a grain of salt. People (hoop fans obviously) are venting or voicing or opining on teams/players/coaches/leagues/refs/etc. Very little bothers me as long as they dont deliberately insult or degrade someone. If someone wants to say that their team will win State, let them say it, who cares? SOCAL Hoops is here for our entertainment. One fan likes team A another team likes Team B. Each fan explains why they like their team. All of it is fun and subjective. One more thing - when a school has had years and years of mediocrity in terms of their basketball team and then one year they hire a new coach with a fresh outlook and then an impact player transfers to the school and the team begins to jell and play winning basketball, its hard not to get excited. OK, so a fan or a parent overreacts and expresses their excitement by making predictions about winning this and winning that, its ALL, fun - nothing more - nothing less. Isnt sports supposed to be all about having "fun"? I bet if all parties here were to sit down for lunch and talk hoops, everyone would have a good time and go home laughing.

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