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Posted by truth on February 17, 2019 at 10:23:58:

In Reply to: Re: Im only giving my opinion - nothing more nothing less posted by Fan on February 15, 2019 at 23:40:57:

: : : : : Western Christian playing New Roads and Oakwood playing Carpenteria Saturday night Feb 16. Winners face each other Feb 23 for championship. Prediction? #1 seed Western Christian vs #2 seed Oakwood with Oakwood defeating WC by 10. WC struggled against deToledo while Oakwood beat Toledo easily. No team in 5A has a player like Gorilla PF/C Oliver. He is the difference maker. In State, Santa Clara has a 6'10 center (OLiver) who could give Oakwood Big guy (OLiver) a game. Should be fun.

: : : : "Give" him a game? As in, Oakwood would/should be favored? After beating Avalon by 12, Oakwood shouldn't look past Carpinteria tomorrow.

: : : : Stop writing checks these kids can't cash. You are doing an inexperienced team and young coach no favors. Any game vs Santa Clara would be played @ Santa Clara, especially with tonight's 12-point win over Avalon.

: : : : Sage Hill will be seeded over Oakwood as well, Oakwood will probably have to win a game down there just to make it to Santa Clara. Don't overlook Bassett/Hueneme either.

: : : : If you are so confident in Oakwood beating everybody by 20+, you should be at some of these 5AA games instead to give your team a detailed, up-to-date scouting report - Bassett is not the same team they were a month ago. Western Christian wouldn't have made the 5AA semis if they played half a division up.

: : : Opinions are opinions and nothing more and nothing less. My opinions are based on a number of factors which include team analysis and won-loss records, who played who and final scores, trends, and knowledge of the team(s). All of it .From what i know and what i see, im not that far ooff on my prediction(s). I believe Oakwood is a good solid team with a very strong big man. They also have a very good young coach. Western Christian is also very good and can score but i dont think they can stop the Oakland big man. I have looked at who Santa Clara has played as well. No doubt they are good, of course they are. I saw who the other shave played as well. My conclusion is Oakwood will win it all. Its my opinion. No check for anyone to cash. Its an opinion.

: : Nobody's questioning Oakwood winning 5A, but if you think Oakwood would be favorites against any of the 5AA finalists (possibly even semifinalists), time to re-examine those scores.

: : The checks you are writing are being direct-deposited in the First Bank of Bulletin Board Material. If any Santa Clara coach sees what you said about Oliver, you just gave that staff a great, focused day of practice the night before they face your team.

: Im NOT the coach of the team but i am a fan of the team for a variety of reasons. I didnt realize that SoCal Hoops was used for "Bulletin Board" Material. Ive been a fan of SoCal Hoops since Jerry Gale was in charge of it which is probably 20+ years or so. Ive seen just about everything one could imagine written on it. Im excited that Oakwood is having a very good year and perhaps im overzealous and at times over the top. I do apologize if i offended anyone. Its fun and unique to be able to talk about a team(s) you follow. I enjoy analyzing teams and trying to break down their strengths and weaknesses. IM aa Fan - nothing more and nothing less. PS. Just for the record - from what i can tell, Santa Clara is a very strong team with a very good big man.

That any coach would use an anonymous post from this board as "bulletin board material" is about the stupidest/funniest thing I've ever heard. As if the coaches care what someone posts. As if the kids even care that the forum exists.. Not sure if that was an attempt at comedy or if it was just a stupid attempt to put someone in their place.. either way, mission accomplished

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