Re: View Park coach fired?

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Posted by Yasonaintshit on February 16, 2019 at 09:30:09:

In Reply to: Re: View Park coach fired? posted by hoop mom on February 15, 2019 at 21:58:40:

: : : : : : : : : : : : : Does anyone know why View Park fired Jason Porter the day before the playoffs start?

: : : : : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : : : : : : : Yeah, when you dance long enough with snakes in the program eventually you get bitten. internal issues coaching staff related to administration. now top players leaving school after season ends.

: : : : : : : : : : : : State champions a year and now the No Gym , no integrity, and backstabbing culture will result into a unattractive place to transfer to.
: : : : : : : : : : : ::Very sad. It was foul to fire coach before playoffs started. God bless the players who have to deal with this. Porter will be ok.

: : : : : : : : : : Jason got saved by his assistant last year when they won state. Porter doesnít know much basketball probably a better asst coach.

: : : : : : : : : Untrue JP is good coach he was stabbtoaged by his own Asst coach,whom was hired by JP. who was n have always been the serpent in the mixed. Coaches n players leaving or have left. Bottom line you canít be blessed by making others suffered n miserable. A snake 🐍 is always a snake.
: : : : : : : : :Saved by his assistant? Which assistant are you talking about? If it's the assistant who is connected to the administration than you are definitely wrong. The coaches who have left played a major role in "saving" last years state title. Snake in the grass.

: : : : : : : Why the back n forth itís just not good to be let go days before playoffs. Hopefully lessons are learned as a Head coach surround yourself with a staff that will support you. People have agendas, so be mindful of whoís around the program.

: : : : : : Definitely a snake in the grass...the current head coach has no integrity and was plotting on coach porter's job from day one. Hopefully the truth comes out. Jason is a good guy that is taking the fall for a very unscrupulous individual. From what I heard, Coach Porter tried to stop a fight in the locker room, then Coach Deon told Porter to let them go and let them fight. Who thinks its cool for team mates to fight each other? The resulting confusion ended in Porter losing his job. If that isn't a set up I don't know what is. By the way, the Principal that fired Coach Porter and hired Coach Coleman is Coach Coleman's if that aint nepotism for you.
: : : : : :Exactly

: : : :
: : : : somebody is in their feelings . Deon Coleman is a far superior coach than Jason not close. Jason is the snake he got hired at cleveland and he quit on those kids to run to VP when he heard the job opened up.The team never wins state with jason leading them . I say let sleeping dogs lie....lets not !!! porter got fired for several reasons all his lies and unprofessionalism got him canned...they shoulda never let him come back last year but he begged for a 5th or 6th chance and still f'ed up so much he got fired. The players don't respect or like him and keep it real dude aint from from the area ... he don't have no stripes and is a weak ass cat period...the staff at VP has never been together but thats because porter is a weak dude a weak man and a terrible coach...being reggie morris friend is his go to..VP's best players those kids get TO VP thru deon and his CS roots a place jason snaked his no-coaching weak ass on..jason should go back to why not and then to the valley like that weak ass dude from taft did...and just so you can keep the lies out ya mouth deon is not related to the VP but they are friends... deon is the best coach at VP and it's not gonna tell all the things that really got ya girl fired her behavior her interaction with students his lying to staff about things he did that coulda got him arrested ...keep talking reckless and i'ma put his business in the closing all you cats aint from the area Bounce and take that sorry ass coach from dorsey wit cha

: : : "put his business in the streets.." that's funny stuff..

: : Real life should change his name to lowlife. What a sorry excuse for a human being. I'm surprised he's not locked up in prison. Maybe he is and got to play on the internet for a few minutes. Just because you're a certain color skin doesn't mean you're an expert on anything especially basketball. Some coaches unfortunately are unethical scamming to get kids from other programs like what seems to be lowlifes friend. Sad that kids have to put up with these types of clowns that have infiltrated High School Basketball through the Travel Ball lowlife Coaches.

: and Deon Coleman is one of those coaches. Thats why low life/real life ran to his defense. Let's just wait and see the future of View Park basketball . Their best days are behind them

Some bitch waited until they lost to post typical...VP is the perfect example of why The area struggles..ídeon resume stands for itself. Jason canít coach Period he is terrible and also he has no character...from has been coaching and mentoring in the hood for the last 20 Years where the f. Was Jason ??? You want VP to fall off so you will feel better so screw the kids.. all you people need to see start your own programs or become coaches ...but you wonít you will will complain lie and attack typical.. the kids at VP were lucky to win a state title last year lucky that Jason sorry ass got fired at the right time so that deon could lead them.. you little leg Jason supporters line up and take a fade for him cause he was a lightweight who got knocked out like punks are supposed to get done...and those of you haters against coach Coleman turn ya resume in and coach do like Jason did and snake ya way into a job... yeah letís not forget Jason quit on Cleveland to take the vp job oh yeah yíall forgot how this started never mind say what you want dude is a punk he is a weak dude and a worse coach good riddance stay out of the area go back to the suburbs

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