Re: Scouting is like aiming at a moving target...

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Posted by Oakwood Goriila Fan on February 06, 2019 at 11:49:03:

In Reply to: Re: Scouting is like aiming at a moving target... posted by Get a Grip on February 06, 2019 at 10:05:07:

: : : : : : : : : There are about 4 teams that can beat Oakwood...

: : : : : : : : : The Darkhorse up top with the height to match them

: : : : : : : : : The best shooting team Western Christian

: : : : : : : : : Vistamar can beat them

: : : : : : : : : and a team from the coast might catch them by surprise. Oakwood is very very beatable... but you are an amazing fan... coach!

: : : : : : : : I don't usually agree with the guy touting Oakwood on here, but I have to say that beating de Toledo and Pacifica Christian as they did puts Oakwood head and shoulders above the rest of this division. Vistamar won't make it past Carpinteria, and couldn't beat Oakwood even if the big man sat out.

: : : : : : : : Though Nordhoff in Ojai will be a tough road trip and new challenge for Oakwood next Tuesday. Oakwood fan, I'd be driving to Ojai this Wednesday if I were you. Get a feel for the court and the drive and the type of officiating you might see, because you will be going there in 8 days. Nordhoff's home game doesn't count as a home game or road game because it is a play-in game, so there will be no pre-flip Tuesday regarding Oakwood's second round matchup with Nordhoff.

: : : : : : : I just watched Nordoff play via several videos. Without sounding too pompous or vain, I believe, Oakwood will beat Nordoff (if they play them) by at least 20 points. Oakwood is serious, they play hard nosed in your face defense. They have several tough players including their amazing 6'5 center Oliver. Nordoff does not appear to be that tough. Oakwood wont take them lightly but i believe Oakwoods conditioning and tournament experience will benefit them immeasurably.

: : : : : : I know we have heard about the Big man but are the Oakwood top guards seniors?

: : : : : No - and that, "could be", Oakwoods one weakness. Their guards are younger and not seniors. If i were playing them, id attack their guards. But that said, they do move the ball well.

: : : : Did you see Nordhoff play at home, with their crowd present? I saw their game vs Villanova Prep on 12/8 and they looked below average, but the following week they defeated Thacher, whom they had lost to by 20 the day before the Villanova Prep game.

: : : : Nordhoff lost 75-55 at Thacher on 12/7, and exactly one week later, the same team defeated Thacher 53-50 @ Nordhoff. Oakwood will probably still win, but you never know about foul trouble, momentum refereeing, and shooting backgrounds on the road.

: : : : Officiating can be unpredictable in the 5A playoffs, especially in the earlier rounds. CIF sends the 3 officials from different areas, each having their own style, and sometimes one of them ends up calling the game very close.

: : : : But second round shouldn't be too bad as there are only 72 games going on at once in the Southern Section - although with a 3-man playoff crew, that's the same number of refs that would be in action on a 108 game night in the regular season.

: : : Oakwood plays in a fairly non-competitive league, against some really questionable teams, and suddenly they have a 6'-5" guy who is the second coming of the messiah? They haven't even won a single playoff contest and now they're going to win a State title? I appreciate the enthusiasm, but apparently the person who keeps trying to boost Oakwood has never seen the CIF Southern Section playoffs.

: : : Just win the first game before you start talking about the second, third, or a title. Sheesh. SMH.

: : I watched many of Oakwoods games this year and i agree they play weak teams. However, their last 2 games vs de Toldeo and Pacifica were routs, Oakwood won easily. Perhaps you missed this, the 6'5 new kid scored 42 points against Pacifica. He also pulled down 15 boards. Pacifica is a good team. IF the 6'5 kid continues to do what he has been doing, no one will be able to stop Oakwood. Mark it down, Oakwood will win CIF and advance to State. You heard it first right here.

: Oakwood's gonna get smoked in second round. You heard it here first. Oakwood fan hasn't seen either Nordhoff or Santa Maria Valley Christian. I have. Gorrillas are going down. Hard.

Well my friend, we shall see if your predictions come true. Im betting a lot of Bananas on the Gorillas. Ill get back to you.

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