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Posted by Former HS Coach on February 03, 2019 at 16:37:19:

In Reply to: Re: Open Jobs posted by Judge and Jury on February 03, 2019 at 15:05:05:

: : : : : : : : Fullerton Coach was not a cool cat, all about his kid and always has been.

: : : : : : :
: : : : : : : Why would fountain valley be opening up? The guy has been there for two years and he needs to be gone? Just curious as to why ? Iíve been to games and he runs good stuff and he has a boat load of young talent. It just interesting because nobody talks about other programs whoís coaches have been there for light years and not winning but itís no talks of them being let go. Just a interesting post. Fountain valley wasnít even a after thought and now it seems as if it is. Lot of post about that guy. Heís building a good culture over there and the administration loves him. Does he mistreats players or parents ? Is he a bad person ?

: : : : : : I actually have heard the exact opposite, and the ppl I talk to are very close to the in administration level. He wasnt holmes staff and he is underachieving with a talented squad. The HB coach dont know much about though, just rumors there.

: : : : :
: : : : : So the nothing about the hb coach whoís been there for 6 years. But a guy whos there for two years is gonna get let go! So if youíre so close to the program what have you heard ? Just seems like that coach at fv is catching a lot of hate. Has he violating any rules and again I ask does he mistreat the players, parents or staff. Does he have any issues with administration. Just seems like a bold statement to make with solid evidence. Like Iíve said itís multiple oc coaches who vastly underachieve consistently but no changes. If Iím not mistaken heís the only African American coach in the sunset league .... with that being said it seems fishy that heís all of the sudden on the hot seat for a program that was in shambles for years. If they did let him go I personally think they would lose all of their players and incoming players. You may wanna get better sources besides bitter parents and alumni.

: : : : My feeling is he is getting heat for two reasons:
: : : : 1. He went 9-19. The league is split so he was able to play in the lower half, but still finished 3rd.
: : : : 2. He has AAU ties and was an assistant at Orange Lutheran. This board loves to pile on HS coaches with a background like that.
: : : : Neither of those scenarios are reason to fire a guy. If he is leading the kids and developing guys within the program, great. If he is bringing guys in from all over and still going 9-19, then get rid of him. AD Roger Holmes was a long time successful basketball coach. I am sure he will make the correct read on this situation.

: : : Exactly! From my understanding he is developing. Sometimes the record doesnít refelect the hard work a staff puts in. Those kids he had in the past two years were from the old coaching staff and mentality. He didnít play a cupcake schedule like most to build up wins. He went out and tested his young core to get them ready. Needless to say his peers know he s building something special at FV. Just like the other programs it takes time to build a winning program and culture, consider that. His ties to aau or former programs has nothing to do with his coaching at FV. Student athletes and parents are starting to notice whatís happening at FV. He has the respect of the basketball community as well as his brother. Heís not a bad coach or person. Players must by in to any program before thereís progress. Iíve been to some of the games and Iíve seen and heard him speak to his players. He has integrity and doesnít come off arrogant like people may think. His staff is confident in their development and ability. Two more years and your going to see the tide turn. As a long time local oc hoop fanantic I see that they have the right guy. They games in league they lost were all by 3 or 5 , and they lost to marina on a buzzer beater in ot who arguably was top oc team. They also beat marina by 12. You can clearly see his staff have the kids competing and their young core are learning. They were in contention to win their side of the league. Again just some tough losses. FV will be better next year and the years to come and admin knows that.

: : My son played at Fountain Valley and have a few friends kids there now. Saw them play and looked like alot of one on one, bad Club Team playing without any Coaching. Not sure why Race was brought up, do not see many African Americans who live in Fountain Valley, so if its 60 percent Asian then hire a Asian Coach who can relate to the kids. If he is involved with a Compton Club Team, who pays for the kids to get here? Who pays for their Drinks, Food,gas,rent,bills, ect to live in Fountain Valley? One of the Parents told me he uses the Gym to make money, not the Program or School and makes the kids train and play for his Teams or you do not get to play! Most importantly never see Orange Lutheran, where they said he was win League Titles or see great players doing well in college.

: thanks for letting us all know you're a racist

:::have read many stupid things on this board but what you ďtake the cakeĒ ó your thread explains why our country is in the state of racial devise, and itís because of disgusting threads like what was posted by this idiot. How can you say that becasue this HS that has the majority of its student demographic as Asian the admin/district should hire that same demographic in its hc an Asian? Again, proves that people are now more empowered to express their beliefs and target a person becasue he/she doesnít please their radical racial insensitivity & beliefs. Sad day in America!

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