Re: City open division and D1 playoffs is rigged!!

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Posted by Asatur on February 02, 2019 at 23:12:12:

In Reply to: Re: City open division and D1 playoffs is rigged!! posted by Fan of the Game on February 02, 2019 at 22:33:17:

: : Sylmar gets a #5 seed after being in a 3 way tie with shitty ass Van Nuys and trash ass Kennedy! Yet Crenshaw wins the Coliseum league and gets a #6 seed? Fremont gets a #7 seed and Dorsey #9. So the committee of God knows who cause they don't tell us thinks a league with Sylmar/Van Nuys/Kennedy/Reseda/Panarama is better then Crenshaw/Fremont/Dorsey/View Park?? Everyone that was part of the selection process should be ashamed of themselves! Narboone going open division is the biggest joke of the year! Committee said it was between Crenshaw and University for the #3 seed so they put Uni #3 seed so logic says Crenshaw should then be #4 seed right? Guess what there is no logic when it comes to the city section! Not only was Crenshaw not #4th they weren't even 5th Sylmar was lol Sylmar is at best 10-12 seed! Let's have a game tomorrow Crenshaw vs Sylmar and see how that goes! Same Sylmar team who tied for league title with Van Nuys (Van Nuys beat Sylmar by 20 second time they played) and Kennedy who is a D2 team! LA City playoffs are a complete joke! Everyone on the committee should be ashamed of themselves! Btw notice how Crenshaw/Fremont/King Drew are on the same side of the bracket while Granada Hills has a cake walk to the finals! Ummmmm let's find out if Granada AD or coach or Sylmar Coach Bort is on the committee! What's the big secret?? Everyone on that committee should be known! It should be public knowledge! LA City Playoffs are a joke!

: Ive always wondered how they decide who plays who. I dont know but I suspect to some degree, favoritism does play into some of the decisions.

Bunch of idiots who don't know the game haven't seen half the teams play voting for their coaching friends or former coaching friends! Have u seen Sylmar play sir? Have u seem Crenshaw play? The two teams are light years apart! Grant went 10-0 in league and beat Van Nuys and Kennedy 2 teams Sylmar lost to and Sylmar finishes in a 3 way tie with Van Nuys and Kennedy yet they get the #5 seed and Grant gets the #8 seed? How does that make sense! View Park is going to go into Sylmar and blow them out that's the 5 vs 12 matchup. They have it set up where the 3 tough city teams Fremont/king Drew are going to knock each other off while Granada plays Hamilton 1st round then the winner of Grant vs Dorsey and then they'll either play Uni or Pali to go to the finals! Meanwhile king Drew and Fremont play 2nd round with the winner playing Crenshaw. So u tell me this thing isn't set up for Granada?? I'm beyond pissed! I want to know who the 3 coaches who had a say in the selection process are and I want to know every committee members school affiliation! These kids worked wayyyy to hard to have some moron adults with clear agendas ruining that!

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