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Posted by coach on January 28, 2019 at 18:57:01:

In Reply to: Re: Wild Card-Flawed system posted by Norm on January 28, 2019 at 16:51:16:

: : : : : : : What is the criteria for qualifying for CIF as at large team in a smaller division but u got beat up in league.

: : : : : : Go to and read the playoff bulletin

: : : : : There will not be any at large in the lower divisions. CIF took out one of the bottom divisions this year which created these huge playoff divisions with tons of teams.

: : : : : You will have about 40 teams getting in through league automatically which means no at large teams will be selected.

: : : : Just did a quick count:

: : : : 5AA and it is going to be close but there may be room for 1-2 at large in that division. I see 30 automatic qualifiers.

: : : : 5A doesn't look like there will be room for at large

: : : : 4AA unlikely but might be room for 1-2 depending on how the last week shakes out.

: : : : 4A not much chance here either.

: : : : There will be very few at large teams if any lower than 3A this year.

: : : : 3A looks like there may be as many as 7-10.

: : : System is flawed. There are teams out there who play in tough leagues and are .500 thus qualify for at-large that won't get in, and there will be teams who are well under .500 who go 5-5 and take 3rd in terrible league that will get in.
: : : New rules:
: : : *League champs only qualify.Like NCAA
: : : *Everyone else thrown into mix and are selected based on strength of schedule, toughness of League,quliaty wins,etc.
: : : *Do what the City Section does and have a 2-tier system. Open and Invitational. That will appeal to those who say "why play league when there is nothing to play for if you are in a weak league and lose a lot of non-league games". This will still give them something to play for. City Section loves it. Fairfax, Westchester,etc battle for City Title while the lesser teams play for Invitational. NCAA and NIT.

: : One example is in Div. 3A. Summit HS. They went 2-14 non-league, but are 5-3 in what is an average or below avg.league and will get 3rd and are in. Terrible rule. They will finish 7-20 and are in, but teams that are 16-12 in tough leagues and played good non-league are out..terrible system. Summit goes to NIT, better team to NCAA. Has to happen.

: Also canít rely on Scibca rankings, in some divisions less than 12-15 coaches vote. Some coaches only vote to improve their own ranking, Some coaches block their vote for teams in their league or vote for teams that are coached by their friends. I find it hard to believe that most of these coaches do their homework and really do a stellar job. I know some coaches do a good job, When 12 coaches out of 50 in a division vote and they can weld a lot of power

As for the SCIBCA rankings- anyone can join. There is obviously a membership cost, but anyone is able.
The polls sometimes can have some coaches who try some voting shenanigans, but by and large it's pretty close. Look at the poll and look at the maxpreps rankings. There usually isn't that big a difference.

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