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Posted by 29.5 on January 28, 2019 at 16:40:38:

In Reply to: Re: Foothill HS posted by OC Watcher on January 28, 2019 at 10:28:36:

: : : : : : : : : : : Foothill has become just another Santa Ana HS basketball team. Club coaches RECRUIT talent (not develop players) and think they are great coaches. Sell parents a bill of goods leading the parents to believe little Johnny is going to start or be on HS Varsity team. When the time comes, the parent starts to realize they spent all of the college tuition money chasing a fantasy about their little Johnny. Little Johnny gets cut and now hard feelings come into play. Mommies start talking and club programs start going down

: : : : : : : : : : : Vanity!

: : : : : : : : : : :: not just another santa ana team. They lost to both godinez high school and segerstrom high school. That would make them a bad team in santa ana. It's embarrassing how little they have done with the talent that they get. That's what happens when the head coach is an aau disciple of the main cali rebel guy. Hire curly and moe to run the show.

: : : : : : : : : I will be transferring my son out of Foothill this spring. I thought our experience here was going to be so much different. This program is in disarray. I hope the administration sees it and goes a different direction. ASAP.

: : : : : : : : It is easy to understand the frustration of Foothill fans with the program at such a high level under the previous staff. A word of caution on leaving. Foothill is an outstanding school. If basketball is a higher priority than academics then the parents must be certain that the move is truly better for basketball. IF a change is to be made wins and losses will probably not be the deciding factor. Who knows what is going to happen or not happen at Foothill. Good luck to all involved.

: : : : : : : I'm trying to get my son into Beckman but they are telling me that the school is closed to transfers and my only choice is Tustin. While their coach is very good, it's just not the style of play that I think is best for my son's development. I watched both teams play Foothill and their styles are extremely different. Anybody know of a way to get my son into Beckman without having to move? That is a huge expense and hassle for 3 years of basketball, but I'm contemplating it.

: : : : : : So you don't think Foothill is going to make a change? While change always seems to be challenging for public schools this situation seems like it would be best for the school and for the coach to part ways. If this happens early in the Spring I think the school would find some very quality candidates.

: : : : I am not going to wait and see, the coach teaches at Foothill so I doubt they will ask him to leave. I'm close with families at Beckman and they have good things to say. It's just the challenge of getting in. Maybe a private school would be the other option if we dont get approved.

: : : The coach is not a teacher. He is a long term sub or teacher's aide. He is a walk on coach, which doesn't mean they will let him go, but it is usually easier to let a walk on go. The Beckman program is solid and a good school, but is a totally different vibe than Foothill. Any change that is going to happen at Foothill would happen before the end of the school year and if they are serious about attracting the best candidates it will happen before Spring Break.

: : As stated earlier, we will be leaving Foothill at the end of the season. Academics are most important in our household, but we want our son to have a well rounded high school experience. We came to play for our club coach because they promised a different experience. After watching other coaches in Orange County, it's clear ours are not nearly up to par at any level. Our son will not be a college basketball player, but could be a contributor on a team that's a contender. Now we have to repair some bridges burnt with his home school.

: Makes sense to think about going back to the home school. My gut feeling is this Coach is going to be let go and I am betting that Foothill gets a really solid coach to replace him. It may make sense to wait until the end of the 3rd quarter before making a final decision. That is probably mid March, which leaves plenty of time to establish at the home school, especially for a freshman.

My original post was making a point and using Foothill as an example. There are many schools that have done the same thing ie Brea, Los Al, etc.... Education is key for sure. Your HS coach is what he is and do not expect college or pro level coaching. Be real. IT is about getting a good education. If you are good you will be noticed and people will talk about you in a good way. Play on a club team. Again, team does not have to be the best to show your son is the best on the floor. The BS will be anywhere you go. Just different forms of it.

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