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Posted by truth on January 19, 2019 at 08:51:38:

In Reply to: Re: Marina Coach posted by Marina wins on January 18, 2019 at 21:58:13:

: : : : : : : : : : : Will Rack be around next year? Fountain Valley & a Loss? Can't we get the La Habra or Cypress coach to come to the Sunset league? They have done more with less talent than we have this year.

: : : : : : : : : : You're ridiculous. Coach Racklin is a solid coach and more importantly a good person who is good mentor and role model for kids. He has done fine. A coach loses a game with some 16 and 17 year old kids and you treat it like the NBA..Fire him, Fire him! Go back to bed dude.

: : : : : : : : : By the way,Marina's losses are to: Mater Dei, Villa Park by 2 in OT, CdM, Downey,Newport Harbor (excellent team),Gahr, Palos Verdes (#1 in Div.3A),and have wins over Edison, Los Al,Sunny Hills(ranked in Div.3A), I'd say he's played a hell of a schedule and done well. Have a winning record.

: : : : : : : : Fountain Valley?

: : : : : : : Rack is a really nice guy, but he's lost this team. They do not play as a team and lack effort. They don't seem to like one another. He should just play all the young guys more minutes and prep for the future.

: : : : : : Seen most of the Teams this year and Marina has some players! Why are they losing? Remember the days when Marina, Los Alamitos, and Fountain Valley always won! All three of these Teams do not have good records. At the end of the day, you need to blame Coaches. How do you lose with Players?

: : : : : As was mentioned, sometimes the players do not like each other. That is not always on the coach. Not every team has great team chemistry, despite the coaches best efforts. Not all people get along all the time. Plenty of teams have underachieved due to in-fighting, bad chemistry,etc. Coach cannot control every aspect of their lives. Some kid may have hit on another players girlfriend(not trying to be funny, it happens. I've seen it),or some kids are rude, or ball hogs. A lot goes in to a season other than can they defend and shoot. Coach Racklin is a good coach, and a good guy, and cannot be held responsible for the likes and dislikes of 17 year old KIDS. Not men,KIDS.

: : : : Good Guys, finish last! He has players, its his job to have play as a Team. Coaching in the Sunset league its been easy to see who has a good Team. Its easy to see Who just throws the ball out there and says go play! Today their is so many collectors, they go get players but cannot Coach. Newport Harbor is playing great with awesome Chemistry! Edison always wins, both programs have good Coaches!

: : : Without a good game and teaching coach, team will be average at best. Give me a coach that IS a good game coach and he will win majority of games with average talent. Do you know how to squeeze blood out of a rock? I do!

: : HB will win the league. Beatdown of FV tonight. Come back and beat marina and Laguna next week! Finish the swee of FV next week!

: Marina beats Laguna Beach. Nice job Coach Racklin. Solid Coach..

you guys are morons. #1, the HB district only honors 7 years of teaching experience toward their pay scale. So a coach like Mitchell to come to Marina would take a big step backward in terms of pay just to teach on campus. He is a walkon at Cypress but teaches in a different district. It's taken a long time to turn Cypress into a dominant team. He'd leave that to start over at Marina- as a walk-on? He'd be crazy. Try again.
Rack does a good job with what he's got. He's got a 6'10 kid who is "OK".. not super tough nor super athletic. He's got the 6'5 wing kid who is going to Lafayette- barely a high major.. They're very weak at guard. If you don't have guards you're going to lose.Simple. So the average guy on this board will argue- "then he sucks for not going out and getting some guards.." but that just makes him a "collector" I applaud him for not getting on some 8th graders' jocks and telling them how amazing they are and begging them to go to Marina. Who wants 14-15 year olds walking around like they're doing you a favor by being there? That's a hard pass for me. People (parents, fans, etc) who sit around hoping a HS coach gets fired are pathetic

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