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Posted by OC Watcher on January 17, 2019 at 08:47:07:

In Reply to: Re: What a game!! posted by truth on January 17, 2019 at 07:48:17:

: : : : : : : : : Cypress, much respect. Great game to witness, crowds
: : : : : : : : : From both sides were great. You guys can ball and your coach is legit. Canít wait for the
: : : : : : : : : Rematch at our place!

: : : : : : : : :For sure

: : : : : : : Great game. Be careful Crean, you don't want to start winning the Empire League too fast. Unless you want that upgrade to the Trinity League that is coming....

: : : : : : Crean won't get moved to the Trinity. Makes no sense for a bunch of reasons, most simply that'd make an odd number of teams. 2nd reason, their football team went 0-5 in the Empire. Unless we start seeing more schools split their sports into different leagues, I think they'll be in the Empire league for at least an additional 2 year cycle. Football will always be the main motivator, then comes basketball and/or overall performance in the league. If they were to move up, it'd be to either Century or South Coast.

: : : : : Yes it is so fair to have a private school in with public schools. Lets see, our attendance boundary is from Main St. to 5th Ave. and Crean's is..Earth! Sounds fair. They have a 6'8 kid from (ineligible now, but played last year and half this year)AUSTRALIA. The rest of the league gets a 2 mile radius of kids to choose from while they get a planet. Joke. Get em out. Go to League with St. Margarets like they were. Add em to CVC, Fairmont,Pacifica Christian. They are all cheaters too. African kids, Australian kids,etc.

: : : :
: : : : Might be an interesting league of St. Margaret's, CVC, SVC, Crean, Fairmont.. they all would be similar in football except for St. Margaret's. They're in D6.. the rest are all D12 or D13. Not a good fit
: : : : Crean is getting too large attendance-wise with 800+ kids and plans to run at like 1500 down the road. When they get to 1000 or more, they will have to move on from the Empire. Will OC ADs allow them into another public league? They won't have a choice depending on if Crean reclassifies into the same status as those Trinity teams. The San Joaquin League can't take them because those schools are all classified as "small school" for releaguing purposes. Crean has bigger fish to fry and will no way classify as a small school again.

: : : Who says it needs to be fair? It's just about finding a grouping that fits competitively. If Crean continues to move up, they will be moved up league/division wise, it's that simple. The same can be said for Cypress, etc. I hate losing players to private schools, but I don't complain about it. The kids make their choice and if that is the high school experience they want and it makes them happy, more power to them.

: : at 1300 kids they are the same size as JSerra.

: : At that size they would be OK in most sports except football. Would take significant investment to compete in that area.

: : If at some point SJB goes back into the LA Catholic Area for all sports (highly unlikely)-then it will be a while before they join the TL. Or you have to find an 8th team-the new Catholic HS in Temecula?

: Honestly, maybe the answer is Crean in the Trinity League except in football. A number of teams are cross-leaguing in this cycle. For basketball, at least, it wouldn't be a big problem because the TL is only playing one round these days anyway. Baseball might be a problem (3 games v each team).

I have been following OC High School Sports since the 80ís. MD was once in a public school league. It doesnít work. SM started in a public school league until finally being pushed out to the Trinity predecessor Serra League. When JSerra started they complained about not being Trinity League caliber, yet look at them now - in the right spot. Orange Lutheran was in a small private league, then a short time in the public league, now right where they should be. Crean would struggle at first, but the league will elevate them and if they have quality coaches they will excel. See Servite - where they have quality coaches they are really good, where they donít the league punishes that program.

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