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Posted by Tasty on January 10, 2019 at 22:00:17:

In Reply to: Re: Recipe to beat ND posted by ??? on January 10, 2019 at 21:21:16:

#11 / #21 / #13 can't beat you....if they take the majority of the shots you will be in the game. Z likes to set you up right and go left...I actually think he's better going to his left then to his right. You HAVE to keep him off the boards as well.

If ND plays zone then they aren't playing to their strengths and the game will not be up-tempo so they won't go zone unless your squad is horrendous from the outside.

COACH: What if ND decides to play zone on defense? What's the move then?

: On offense, what to do if they use both Rish and Z in pick and roll? And what if they run 1 more into the mix and screen the screener, what then? Just double them and maybe triple and leave the other guys wide open? I just want to make sure we got the gameplan right. Last I checked, it's varsity level, ALL players on good squads can hit open shots!

: : 1st and foremost you don't give Rishwain any 3's. Drive him off the line and force him into pull up jumpers inside the arc. Everything he gets is a 3's and no FT's.

: : Z you have to body and muscle and get physical with him. Use bench fouls and use a lot of them. On offense whoever he is guarding you run him through MULTIPLE screens everytime down the court. Let Abunassar and the other guys beat you.....take away Rishwains 3 and body up Z and you are on your way.

: : Be ready for their Run and Jump Trap and try to get the game into a slooooooow execution 1/2 court game.

: : : : : : : Kid is turning into a monster family.

: : : : : : Almost quite the comeback for Alemany last night, but just couldn't get it done.

: : : : : : Props to Crespi for being surprisingly this good. And thumbs down to St Francis for getting whacked, this was going to be their year, but once again, maybe next year.

: : : : : : And wow those 2 ND ballers are scoring like 80-90% of their points, unstoppable!

: : : : :
: : : : : I wasn't at their game last night, but have seen them play a couple of times. They are well coached, execute pretty well, and always play hard. Maybe it was a bad night. But either way, this is why Mission League went to 1 game each.

: : : : : St. Francis is a good team. Getting beat, even badly, by the other teams is no disgrace. The league is just loaded.

: : : : : All the teams will go to the playoffs, and all will do well.

: : : : : And I agree about Crespi. Talent wise they are down, but they play really hard and make plays when they need to. Coach White doing a really good job this year.

: : : : When you lose by 10-15 pts, can say it wasn't our night, shots just wouldn't fall or some missed FTs really hurt our momentum, etc. But when you get taken to the Shed and beat down by 20pts in the 1st half. Then lose the 3rd by 11pts, I don't see how yall can say "good team", "well coached", "execute pretty well", "always play hard". How is this any different than Paraclete scheduling wins vs scheduling preparation for real competition?

: : : Heard St. Francis was missing 2 key players; that probably accounts for some of it.

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