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Posted by EP on December 29, 2018 at 01:45:56:

In Reply to: Rainer wonít do poop.... posted by Caster Troy on December 28, 2018 at 09:17:21:

: : : : My son just played San Gabriel Academy today. Does CIF know that this school exists and that they have 40 year old men on their roster? I have film of the game and will be calling some of my law friends to see what the legal ramifications are for using men in high school but someone needs to put and end to this. Does the coach of San Gabriel not realize that everyone knows he is cheating. How does that guy sleep at night knowing he his blatantly cheating. Does he know hes not really coaching high school basketball? I would bet my first born that those guys are at least 28. I get the whole holdback thing, but those kids are 19 vs 17 year olds. This is 28 year olds vs 17 year olds.

: : : : One of two thing are going to happen. Someone is going to get severely injured and the school, coaches and anyone involve will be sued or one of those "men" will get some girl knocked up and there will be huge problems. I do not blame the athletes on the team.

: : : : I may sound like a man who is upset because his son lost the game. I was going to hire an investigation into this regardless if we won or lost. Anyone will any insight on people who I can email or write for CIF please let me know.

: : : The maxpreps roster shows they only have 2 seniors lol

: : Please contact CIF office and speak to the head of basketball commissioner regarding your concerns. There are some rumors floating around about how this coach cheating ways.

: Donít expect Rainer Wulf to do anything. Iíve emailed him about various things and his responses are generic and donít provide insight. Heís pretty much worthless.

:Time to call a spade a spade...Coach McCloskey is the BIGGEST cheater around. He has been doing this for the past 7/8 years since he returned to SGA and played kids(?) from Eastern Europe and forfeited games for not enforcing the correct CIF rules. These forfeits are documented from the 2011-12 season. What's funny is that McCloskey proved himself a good coach in his first stint at SGA (without the rogue recruiting), but he had to resort to all means to try and improve(?) his team. Hasn't really worked as his teams (with all their talent/men) haven't produced championships. Last point, his tactics don't match the faith based mission of his Adventist school.

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