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Posted by truth on December 17, 2018 at 11:43:12:

In Reply to: Re: What happened to Orange County Basketball? posted by OC Guy on December 17, 2018 at 10:32:03:

: : : : : : : Just came back to Orange County to watch some games and to see my Parents. A Coach told me about this Site! Looks like most of the Teams are J.V. Level Teams now! The Garden Grove league, use to be a powerhouse with some 7 footers! A Coach gave me a list of the worst High School Programs now. 1. Calvary- was a good small school Division Team who reached the C.I.f. Finals along time ago.
: : : : : : : 2.Los Amigos-Never wins! Use to have a N.B.A. Frontline!
: : : : : : : 3.La Quinta-Won C.I.F.
: : : : : : : 4.Anaheim-Losing to J.V. Teams
: : : : : : : 5.Los Alamitos-Always won the league, went deep in the C.I.F. playoffs,and had Players go on to play in College.
: : : : : : : 6.Servite had really good players who went to play in College and won alot of games. Heard they never win a Trinity league game?
: : : : : : : 7.Orange-Had some guys, now looks like a Freshman team
: : : : : : : 8.Santa Ana and Santa Ana Valley had some really good talent and won. Now days looks like a Soccer Team.
: : : : : : : 9.Magnolia-????? ! No comment!
: : : : : : : 10.Westminster-Would win league, nice Gym,good Coaches, players went to play in College!

: : : : : : Payoffs, manipulation, politics over merit. Etc....

: : : : : Some really bad Basketball and Coaches just want to make money. They have these High School feeder teams that are really bad. The Coaches get paid and do not care about the kids.

: : : : This has nothing to do with those 2 responses. Those schools you referred to were good decades ago. There are more schools now, and the population demographic has shifted.

: : : Garden Grove demographic is true! Los Alamitos should always be good. They look like a J.V. Team! Servite can recruit, its easy to get guys by saying we play in the Trinity league.

: : Servite can win - but not with this coach. Needs a coaching change and an upgrade in facilities.

: Suggestions? Would you take a public school guy like reynolds from vp, bossenmeyer from tustin, they are both proven winners. What about a younger coach like the la habra coach?

1- Calvary is bad- but they're not the worst. They were probably the worst last year, but they actually have a couple W's this year after going 0-25 last year. Admin changes made them a circus.
2- to figure out who's worst, you have to start with Calvary and see who they beat. They beat Saddleback (1-10) who beat SA Valley. There's your winner/loser.. Valley.
I'm not sure anyone could win there, but they hired Pat Roy (former Inglewood coach), so maybe they're trying. How long he'll last, we can start a pool. I'd give it 2 years.

The schools mentioned in original post are mostly kind of in the same boat.. Central OC neighborhood schools who are caught up in factors like declining enrollment (leading to declining talent) due to new schools opening, open enrollment policies that funnel kids away from their neighborhood school, administration who may give lip-service to athletics being important but really don't support programs other than.. well, never mind. You have some of these schools trying to hire club coaches so they can recruit talent to play there- but I don't care if you're an adidas legacy school or whatnot, if the school has a reputation for gangs, drugs, and low performance, a parent who knows anything at all isn't going to send their kid there. It's not a secret that a lot of the club coaches want the HS job, not so much to win, but to have access to a gym for their club team to be able to practice- and when the club guy promises admin he can "get guys" to come there, they are all over it because magically they think the team will be winners right away.
The schools in Santa Ana have been killed by the opening of Godinez & Segerstrom who have a "lottery system" to get kids in (magically the best athletes in SA win that lottery). The flight of families out of Central OC to the IE or out of state is another factor. The same families that had their athletes go to Valley, Santa Ana, & Saddleback 30 years ago don't live in the city anymore- and if they do their kid isn't going to those schools. That Valley team from the 90s that had Ike Harmon, Olujimi Mann, etc - never happen again. Those kids would be snatched up by any private school in the area or would have interdistrict transfers.

The teams on the list- Servite & Los Al shouldn't be mentioned. Are they what they once were? No, but worst teams in OC? ehh..not really. Bottom of the Sunset or Trinity League? Sure.. Still in the top half of OC.

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