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Posted by g on June 05, 2018 at 08:07:46:

In Reply to: Re: Is there an absolute overall simple zone offense? posted by coach on June 04, 2018 at 20:15:47:

: : : Im relatively new to coaching and notice most teams at the park league level play zone defense. I have used a High-Low zone offense the last few times i coached, but am wondering if anyone can suggest something simple, effective, and relatively easy to teach?

: : : Many thanks guys!

: : : Looking to improve

: 1- it's extremely lazy to just put in a 2-3 zone with kids.. it's hard work to teach them to play man-man, jumping to the ball, help-side/ball-side.. Good news is that if most of the other teams are sitting in a zone, if you do the hard work of teaching HOW to beat a zone, you'll probably carve them up pretty good and your kids will move on with a decent understanding that they can take where ever they play next.

: 2- zone offense, to me, is best taught with principles.. make 2 defenders have to account for 1 player by making sure your players get in the defensive gaps.. put a player on each of the short corners with 3 guards (3out-2in).. attack from the wing and run weak-side fwd into the gap that will obviously open up around the elbow (X-cut). Wing player attempts to pass to short corner or flasher. If they can get the ball to the short corner, the defensive center has to honor it, which will leave the player at the elbow open- and vice versa if you throw entry pass to the elbow- the player on the short corner will be open. MOVE the ball- get it whipped around and make the defense shift. No one shoots a jumper from the outside unless the ball has been thrown inside first (play inside-out). One truth about zones is that if they try to shake it up with a 1-2-2 or 1-3-1 or whatever, if you put the ball to the corner, the zone will flatten out into a 2-3 and now it's predictable when you attack it.

: -Move the ball to make the D shift (opens up gaps)
: -Attack from the wing and inside-out
: -Teach them how to play with very little dribbling- ball security, passing, playing with eyes up so they can see open teammates.
: - RUN.. play fast enough that the defense can't set up. so teach the kids how to SPRINT to spots, pass the ball ahead to open teammates to keep the offensive pressure on them.. so this goes back to you teaching defense.. If you teach hard-nosed, ball-pressure, ball-denial, help-side defense you can turn defense into offense (I'm guessing that since the other guys are playing zone, they're probably practicing zone, so the better man-man D you teach, the more havoc you can create.

: hope some of this helps

The most basic setup you'll see in hs is a point, 2 wings, a high post and a short corner. Focus on teaching the reads from each spot. A hard ball reversal or skip from wing to wing will typically cause the defense to guard the wing with a bottom defender, giving you the ability to drop a pass to the short corner, which would have to be guarded by the middle defender. This would then open up a dive to the basket from the high post player since the lane is now open because the opposite bottom defender will likely not rotate all the way over. Rinse + repeat, testing gaps in the defense when they appear.

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