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Posted by SCCS on December 06, 2018 at 04:07:40:

In Reply to: Re: SCCS rolling posted by Hilarious! on December 05, 2018 at 12:24:35:

: Stop, please just is the 2 year 7th grade hold back / my dad has been kicked out of 5 different SCV schools as a coach doing...??...he is running out of schools...Division 12 ball don't mean Sh87!

:: Granny Ball and some others here are clearly uneducated & ignorant. First off yeah SCCS didn’t have a great game against Camarillo but there were many factors as of why that could be. #1 One of the main bigs that should be going D1 was hurt. #2 They are playing a recent transfer (a coaches buddy’s kid) in his place which is probably a good choice as that’s the type of position he is meant for but they are forcing some PG position on the kid (probably to try to show he can do it all lol and boost his stats so the move was worth it?) instead of playing the true PGs properly on the team (which led them through State Championship) one of which you complain is a 2 yr. 7th grade hold back - FALSE info and irrelevant if it happened to be true as the majority of the team are holdbacks just as with the competition they have been playing. It’s really grasping at straws when people complain about hold backs. #3 The opposing team seems to have had a solid coaching staff, not sure if that’s the case at SCC. Some favoritism from assistants is obvious and it doesn’t appear to bother the head coach if that cost them the W. The requirement appears to be that if you have affiliation with the Masters your good to go? Personal opinion the Head Coach does better on his own from what Ive heard and seen. He would benefit greatly if he’d break the tight Masters circle and bring in an experienced assistant that understands the complexity of the game. It’s Just my opinion from following team. #4 The only one dad at SCCS that I can think of that has coached at some SCV schools and not once was he been “kicked out” or fired ever. That’s slander at its best. Spoke to him before and coaches that he volunteered for or was hired by and saw every resignation letter myself. Always his choice.
From what I heard he never has wanted any long term coaching positions as he has 3 kids one with special needs and that he needs time between coaching to be present in their lives. Doesn’t sound like a bad guy to me. Just a dad trying to be there for his kids and help others when timing is right.
Anyone spewing hate against a school, kids in it, holdbacks lol, most likely just doesn’t know the facts, is envious of something, &/ Or is a internet troll most likely with nothing productive going on in their own lives. Constructive criticism goes further or just keep your mouth shut. Your rebuttal is not being eagerly waited for as it does not matter.

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