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Posted by coach on December 05, 2018 at 06:10:09:

In Reply to: Re: Push your players posted by Perspective on December 04, 2018 at 12:12:41:

: : : : : Push you players coaches. Don't allow them to get complacent with their game. The game is evolving to where everyone must be able to handle the rock, shoot, make sound decisions, rebound, and play defense (I'm sure I missed a few). Don't lose games because your system only allows for a few players to become special on the offensive end of the court while others are mechanic in nature. Not bringing much to the table, in terms of helping the ball club win, other than being a robot on the floor (i.e. scared to dribble, doesn't look at the rim ever, gets pulled when he/she makes one mistake. And the list goes on).

: : : : : Let's have the players best interest in heart. Let's begin to develop everyone's game and implant in their mindset that anyone of our players, on any given night, might be asked to do something he/she doesn't feel comfortable doing out there on the court. Get over your fears players...coaches we ask that you begin to help them do so.

: : : : :Can't win with them .

: : : I've always wondered about coaches that have such a short leash that everyone besides the top 2-3 guys are scared to do anything.. dribble? bench shoot? bench make a pass that may actually set up a teammate? bench Make one mistake? bench Then the star player(s) miss 4 shots in a row, turn the ball over, play weak defense, etc and no one says a word. Who wants to play in a system like that? I've been on the sideline for 20+ years and I've always believed that if you limit players, at some point you're going to need them to contribute (injuries, foul trouble, grades, quitters, etc) and they won't have any ability to help because you've limited them to a screening only roll or a get out of the way roll. Encourage the kids to get better. Teach them to rely on each other and to carry their share of the weight. Do I want player #9 taking 10 shots? No. But if he takes 1 shot and misses and I freak out, next time he won't look at the rim and therefore the defense doesn't have to account for him.
: : : What are the things I demand? Effort. Being a great teammate. No kid wants to turn it over or miss a shot- why coach in a manner where there afraid that if that happens they won't get another chance?

: : Many coaches, focus on things like winning at all Cost, physical traits and keeping their "star players happy" which translates into playing time and shots. They coach through intimidation keeping less physically talented players in fear of making a mistake, while enabling the "stars" to do whatever they want.
: : The vast majority of schools cannot be a Mater Dei, a Bishop M, or Sierra Canyon, Etiwanda, or Centennial, and should remember its about the high school player and check their egos. And before someone says I am just an unhappy parent, I will admit I am unhappy. Unhappy that the coach brings in transfers, unhappy that my son busts his ass and plays in fear of being pulled when he does get in. Yet he loves the sport and his school. And though I know that through his experience he will be a stronger person than those who are just handed playing time.
: : Oh and on a side note through 10 games he leads the team in 3 point shots made and in 3 point percentage, shooting over 40%. All while playing less that half the time and no set plays ran for him. 10 for 24, where not one star is shooting over 25%.

: I understand both sides of the discussion. However, everyone can be treated fairly without everyone being treated equally. Yes, most schools are not powerhouse programs, but at the Varsity level you're still trying to win games. Playoff participation is a goal,and possible college scholarships are a goal. Why are we so afraid to include competitiveness in our evaluation of programs and players. Everyone doesn't get a trophy at the upper levels.

: If a player who clearly is not a 3-point threat keeps shooting, that ultimately hurts the team which means it hurts everybody. Account for your strengths and play to them. Don't try to be a player your CURRENT skill level doesn't allow you to be.

: The time to work on aspects of your game is in the off-season... not the regular season or playoffs.

Of course players have to understand their role. It's not about everyone being treated "equally" but it's about each player being treated "fairly"= it's a big difference. Yes, the "star" player should be getting the most shots- he's better than everyone else.. and the 9th or 10th player shouldn't be getting plays run for them.. but so often you'll see a kid enter the game, he receives the ball and the only thing he's allowed to do is make an easy swing pass or hand it back to the star. I just think when you limit a kid so much that they're afraid to do anything, the defense will do one of three things- they'll either not guard him and sit back in the passing lanes, or they'll not guard him and send help at the star player, or they'll blitz him any time he gets the ball. Either way, now he really hurts the team- and it's because he's deathly afraid that if he does anything other than give the ball back to the star or set a screen for the star, he's going to be yanked. Ironically, now that he's not trying to do anything he hurts the team more and is going to be yanked anyway..

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