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Posted by HS Coach on November 29, 2018 at 23:23:39:

In Reply to: 1-3-1 Zone offense posted by Coach D on November 29, 2018 at 20:43:17:

: Have a point guard, 2 wings, a High post and a baseline runner.....look to swing the ball side to side and then get it into FT line area. Baseline runner should be ball side and looking for short corner jumpers, corner 3's or interior passes to the high post diving down.

: Easiest zone offense to teach - lots of options!

: Good luck!

: : : Hey guys - heres my question, and this may sound dumb so forgive me for asking it but, suppose my MIddle School team is running 5-Out on offense and the opposing team is playing a zone defense. And suppose the defense doesnt change, they remain in a basic 2-3 zone. Do I stop running the 5-out offense? (I told you this was a dumb question) - LOL

: : : Im assuming the answer would be you shouldn't run 5-Out against a team that plays a zone defense>? The problem I have is most of the teams we play against usually play a basic zone defense and my team runs a good 5-Out offense - Thanks for any advice.

: : If you know they are going to run a zone, why donít you practice something different to counteract the zone? Try putting someone in the high post and go 4 out. Or, put someone on the block, some one high post and have 3 guards on the perimeter. The answer is YES, time to run something different.

Sorry Caster Troy, but you are completely wrong on this! Do not need to change it. Not sure you as much about schemes as you do other things in the SoCalHoops scene...

Running a 5 out offense is equally effective against a zone... the movement of the 5 out will still give you a short corner and high post option... if you have shooters it will space out the D and open up the high post and short corners (which is where you want to go in any zone offense). Make your offense work for you, find a way to make the 5 out work against a zone! it will be just as effective if done correctly. Look to drive the baseline as well running the 5 out, shooters will be open, as well guys diving from the top of the zone when you drive baseline in the 5 out O.

Again, don't give up on utilizing the 5 out offense against any zone, 2-3,3-2, 1-2-2, 1-3-1.

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