Re: Nogales Coach resigns after winning title Why?

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Posted by g on June 04, 2018 at 08:38:14:

In Reply to: Re: Nogales Coach resigns after winning title Why? posted by Who Cares on June 04, 2018 at 06:15:04:

: : : : : : : : : why did Sameer Bhatt resign as coach just
: : : : : : : : : after winning first championship at Nogales in years?

: : : : : : : : He is now head coach at Ayala.

: : : : : : : Itís simple, he wanted to coach at a better school. Nogales will be fine as long as Campbell stays on and becomes their head coach. He was technically the basketball brains behind Bhatfís success. And NO, Campbell wonít join him at Ayala.

: : : : : : ^caster troy must be an admin at Nogales to be in the know.... totally clueless. From what Iíve been told from parents and my fellow NOBLE alum is that coach Bhat had to secure a teaching position that was not temp. Nogales admin did a terrible job taking care of their coach...look at our football program losing their head coach as well after they won league & the girls basketball program losing their coach after the best season in decades. Coach TJ will do a great job leading future Nobles. But to discount the contributions of coach Bhatt and him leading the program to its 1st CIF title EVER is plain stupid. I went to many games during the year, those two worked amazingly together. Every coach that runs a strong program has a staff that contributes something towards success. That 18í team brought pride back to our school. Coach B will be missed!

: : : : : So Iím stupid by saying that ďbasketball wiseĒ Ayala is better than Nogales? Bhatt won with Nogales and then upgraded himself by going to Ayala. He made the right choice as far as Iím concerned. Yet some how you think Iím an admin? Must be your first time on this board to think that.

: : : : you downplayed Coach Bhatt's contribution to a CIF title by saying that the assistant is the "brains" behind the success.. that's weak. People want to blame a HC for every little thing that may cause a team to lose, but then a guy takes a team from 3 wins three years ago to a banner and he wasn't really that responsible? come on...

: : : Caster poppin off at the mouth... er keyboard again. Try no permanent teaching gig at Nogales and getting one at AHS? The fact that AHS may have a better basketball program and more students etc, is a bonus. How about you tell us where Mounce went and why he left since you know so damn much?

: : Iím still lost! Bhatt did the right thing by going to Ayala and yíall still think Iím wrong? Bhatt and Campbell made a good coaching team and Bhatt deserves just as much credit for Nogales title than Campbell. They both brought/bring a lot to the table. And what does Mounce leaving have to do with this? He bounced, Bhatt took it.

: Who cares about who did what. Clearly their kids played hard for both those guys. Nogales won a very weak division and were seconds from losing to Century who started 4 sophomores and one freshman. Will be interesting to see how coach Bhatt does at Ayala in Division 2.

You guys understand that no new teaching position is permanent? All teaching jobs are temporary until a teacher is converted to permanent status, which typically takes 3-5 years as they move up the seniority list at the district. Ayala may a better situation for him, but your description of job situation is incorrect. I think what you guys mean to say is they were not going to keep him on as a teacher and he needed to go elsewhere, but his new job is certainly not permanent. This isn't something that admins at Nogales have power over, unfortunately, this is where union agreements can take away qualified individuals from communities that would benefit from them.

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