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Posted by NBA is players only on November 22, 2018 at 11:48:04:

In Reply to: Re: Coach Walton has to sit down ! posted by NBA Coach on November 21, 2018 at 21:28:39:

: : Why does Luke Walton standing bother you?

: Just about anyone complaining about Walton that isn't an NBA Coach isn't really worth listening to anyways. Want to be NBA Coaches that aren't. Sit down.

Why would an NBA coach complain about another NBA coach who makes his job easier? Luke isn't teaching proper hedging or running defensive drills, Randle called him out. McGee had to foul out against San Antonio before Luke would even try playing an actual backup C.

He also doesn't see how LeBron is playing 4-on-5 when Rondo is out there to close out games. They are so in love with switching, the simplest ballscreen prompts a switch with the switching player hardly ever stepping out on the shooter (as he seems to expect the other guy to fight over the screen rather than switch). Only Tyson knows how to step out and challenge a shooter.

Until Luke can make better in game adjustments, he should sit down to give Rondo a better view. Phil sat down to give his assistants sightlines, they were the ones making adjustments for him.

The key to being an NBA coach is managing egos, not games. NBA players don't respect any coach who didn't play professionally somewhere, unless a legend takes them under his wing(Riley/Spoelstra). Even former college coaches struggle with NBA egos.

Carmelo Anthony - "Ay yo "P", they want ME to come off the bench now!"

P.J. Carlesimo - "Hey Latrell, put a little mustard on those pass-aghhhhlpp! :::gasping for air:::"

David Blatt - "Now I want us to have LeBron reverse the ball mmwawah mwa wahwahwahwahwah oh sh-- I just got fired"

Tom Thibodeau - "Watch the cutter! Watch th-"

-"Shut up you broken voice f---tard!" Jimmy Butler

No wonder Krzyzewski stays in college and Van Gundy is coaching the US men's B team.

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