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Posted by JungleNuts on November 17, 2018 at 12:29:08:

In Reply to: Re: Mission is down posted by SCV Basketball Mom on November 17, 2018 at 12:20:33:

: : : : : : : : : Wow! Public School Saugus takes the freeway a few exits south and beats Mission league private school Alemany. Tray Meeks needs to work on how to schedule for his own tournament. A big win for Santa Clarits basketball community and a bad & typical loss for Meeks. Don't understand why he's so cocky. Maybe the coaching clinic he got tonight will knock some reality into him. Congrats to Saugus for going into their gym and playing basketball to right way. It was a pleasure to watch.

: : : : : : : : :Nice job? Coaching clinic though! It's game 1. Lol. Come back on here after you win the tournament or any tournament. Then you can brag a little. Good luck this season though.

: : : : : : : LOL Stop! you guys almost let them come back after you had a great shooting half and them a terrible one. Their talent looks down this year and you almost let one guy beat you. Let�s see how you do on an off night with your great coaching. I hope to see SCCS smack you.

: : : : : : Anybody else yawning at the SCCS comment? Nobody cares about SCCS except SCCS. Getting back on track, it's a good win for Saugus. Saugus' coaching is good. Alemany' talent is down big time but Coach Meeks has to be better at making adjustments. It's been something that he's struggled with but it's going to stand out big time this year.

: : : : : : Watching some of these games and it's clear that the Mission league isn't good. St. Francis, Crespi, Alemany and Loyola are tough to watch. Crespi might be the worst and is going to struggle for 3 years. They have Kyle Owens and no one else.

: : : : : Saugus looked OK, but don't sleep on Valencia. They are a legit team.

: : : : : that clinic lasted 1 game. Took an L tonight. Will take another L tomorrow too. Maybe you need to attend the clinic not be giving one yet.
: : : : Like the first guy said, Come on here after you win a tournament not a game. Thanks.

: : : : I was there tonight and Camarillo looked good and some of their kids are still playing football. This should be the year they win league. Saugus is well coached and play hard you can't take anything away from them. They just couldn't stop Jaimie. Alemany got beat again tonight by SCCS. They seem to have some talent but are struggling.

: : : I hear they are forfeiting today's game vs Valencia. Yeah that's great leadership. If you don't want to play a league team then don't enter the tournament. From bragging about a win in a game one over Alemany to forfeiting game 3. What a season it's been already! Gotta love Santa Clarita Hoops.

: Get your facts straight!! Know the truth before you talk. Saugus was set to play Valencia .. it was a mutual decision to forfeit. If Alemany knew how to run a tournament this wouldn�t of happen. Meeks thought he had in the bag scheduling Saugus first. Now he�s 0-2 in his own tournament. Let league start and than come back and talk about Saugus and Valencia. All the first person who posted said was to give props to Saugus for a good game played. Than a SCCS parent had to put their 2 cents �lol� in as if they are even a factor (play meaningful games in a higher division) . People on here running their mouths . You have 2 league contenders. Good Luck to both teams this season.

So when I said that Coach Tray Meeks is lowkey a dodo coach people acted like I was hatin'. When I said that Alemany's talent was not good this year, people try to get on me. Lol.
I'm not buying this "Valencia is great" narrative either. Length doesn't mean much. Their bigs are long but weak. Their guard play is weak.
SCCS needs to get to the back of the bus & be quiet. They've lost to every good team that they played. Enjoy division 57 wins & stop jumping in basketball conversations.

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