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Posted by WOW on November 07, 2018 at 11:18:14:

In Reply to: Re: Boatwright transfers posted by Get rid of the handler on November 05, 2018 at 17:33:03:

: : : : : : : According to Jack Pollon, Daniel Boatwright left Callabasas. His next destination is unknown. I'd bet on him returning to a previous school.

: : : : : : Word on the street is that he's trying to go to Veritas Prep school with Iverson Molinar, Oscar & Elijah Scraton or to Sierra Canyon.

: : : : : He should go to Veritas with all the other dummies! No school work, play basketball all day, go to College, fail classes, become ineligible, drop out and then come home and live with mom and dad.

: : : : What a low character type of person you are, resentful and hateful you must be. Calling kids dummies?? What a pessimistic outlook on a kids future, your a horrible adult or soon to be hateful adult. Feel sorry for you

: : : This site is full of low life characters who never won anything but a scratch off. CA is burnt out with all you fake ass wanna bees.

: : I wish this site existed when I was in high school and people talked smack about me and my friends. We would have eaten that up and just said �you talking about me just let�s me know I�m on your mind�. But kids these days are really soft, and can�t deal with criticism. If you think it�s �smart� or �ok� for a kid to transfer as much as this young man has than you are really on a good one right now. The opposite of smart is dumb so are we really wrong for calling a young man out on his BS? It�s a cold harsh world out there (been playing too much RDR2 lately) and we just trying to help him get ready for it.

: Calling him dumb does seem harsh. But boooooy I'm not sure why all the moves. His handler is the same guy who's Village Christian's basketball consultant. So that explains that. Smh

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