Re: Are these real concerns in the basketball community?

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Posted by style on October 27, 2018 at 07:24:11:

In Reply to: Re: Are these real concerns in the basketball community? posted by Not the sanme on October 26, 2018 at 07:51:34:

: : : : : : : : Iverson Molinar, who was screwed by Oaks Chr and Village Chr, went to Georgia to not get jerked around. There he was recognized as a D1 player. He received more offers after this summer for his play in aau and he recently committed to Mississippi State to play basketball.
: : : : : : : : For the past 3 years I've been saying that Kihei Clark, a 5'9" 145lbs pg, was the best pg in his class in SoCal. Not many wanted to recognize this fact. Yes, Fact. UC Davis was smart to offer him but not many other schools did. UCLA offered Tiger Campbell because of name not game. I don't know what USC, who needs a pg, was thinking. Well Xavier and Virginia wasn't shy. So now Clark is at Virginia and I'll bet that he starts there for 3 years.
: : : : : : : : We need real basketball guys covering high school basketball here. You've probably heard more about Gelo Ball and Spencer Freedman from Sondheimer than you did about Jemarl Baker (Kentucky) or Brandon Williams (Arizona). We definitely didn't hear enough about Clark (Virginia) because of size queens, who don't know what they're looking at, covering hoops. Oh, Fairfax alum Jamal Hartwell is at George Mason. So when George Mason is in the NCAA tournament or NIT and Long Beach State's players are prepping for the Drew League remember that we didn't give our local guys the shine that they deserve because the people that we put in the position to do so can't. I don't think that they're purposefully doing wrong. I think that they don't know basketball (Except for Jack Pollon. He's not only inept, he's a conman and scammer.)
: : : : : : : : Yes, we're Southern California. But we don't have to be Hollywood. Meaning, we don't have to be fake. Stop hyping up these fake players and do a better job acknowledging real players. Stop pumping up a 17 year old sophomore at a D12 school. (Hi Santa Clarita Chr.) Askew at Mater Dei is top tier sophomore. AJ Burgin is a real high level kid.
: : : : : : : : It just seems like we lose more of our talent than those that stay. Maybe if we give hometown love to actual players we'd create the environment for them to stay.

: : : : : : : This is good stuff.. Its crazy that the kids you mention got a better a scholarship to schools than those that got hype.
: : : : : : : Virginia with Tony Bennett actually can watch a game and form his own opinion. He doesn't care about fake hype. He can evaluate talent. UCLA offers everybody who has a name regardless if they can play or fit into their system. Rumor has it it they did offer Clark, who ironically plays very much like their coach Tyus Edney, only after he committed to Virginia. They also didn't reruit London Perrantes very hard ,with Tiger Campbell now hurt this might end up costing Alford his job.

: : : : :
: : : : : I'm asking serious questions. They're not at all rhetorical judgement:
: : : : : First, JC has a problem with guys like Jack Pollon & laid out some compelling reasons why. Are guys like Jack as bad for high school basketball as JC says or is there a personal dislike?
: : : : : Second, Justin has a clear love for Kihei Clark. He even now has a long twitter thread with UVA now responding to him. Is this personal or is Kihei that good & screwed by local guys?

: : : : If I had to guess, it would be that JC is probably someone like Dave Benezra or someone else who has something to do with Rockfish. I once thought JC might be related to Clark, but the fact that JC has a identified himself as a middle-aged Jewish guy from Studio City seems counter to that sort of conclusion, but would support the Benezra thoery. Clark's bio on the UVA team page lists a Rockfish affiliation, so there's that too.

: : : : But to answer your question directly, I do not think the general high school basketball community spends even a moment's time thinking about the stuff that JC writes about, nor do they care at all about Pollan either. So yeah I think most of what motivates someone to write about the stuff JC writes about is that his "guys" aren't getting recruited to the places he thinks they should be recruited, and he has an intense dislike for people that primarily focus on size over skill and heart, and he cannot stand Pollan, or Sondheimer for that matter. So with him, I do think most of what I read him posting seems to be motivated by personal dislike of those he criticizes. Which is not to say the criticism isn't valid. In fact a lot of it valid and the targets of his criticism generally deserve what he dishes out.

: : : Nah. The basketball community thinks about the issues that JC brings up. I've been in conversations with varsity coaches who say that they don't like Jack Pollon & what he does. But I've seen these same coaches shake his hand & be in his stuff. But the parents are starting to say that they don't want to play in his stuff. So the coaches may live by their words soon.

: : You had me until you typed: "Stop pumping up a 17 year old sophomore at a D12 school. (Hi Santa Clarita Chr.) Askew at Mater Dei is top tier sophomore."

: : While Mater Dei is not a D12 school, let's not pretend that Askew is a true sophomore. He's a very skilled ball player but I cringe when people talk about how good he is for "a sophomore." Let's not be selective when choosing to ignore who the holdbacks are.

: Askew is s 1x holdback. The kid at Santa Clarita Ch was older in his grade because he started school late & then did a holdback. So really that's 2x. Askew graduates high school the sane year that he turns 19. The kid at SCCS is graduating the sane year that he turns 20.
: Btw, Askew is good but he's getting a lot of Mater Dei hype. IMO he isn't as good as advertised.

Interesting discussion. I do believe that spme players are way over-hyped and some kids don't get any pub. However when talking about Clark. Some coaches look at the style of play when recruiting. USC and Virginia play a completely different style. Which may be a reason SC didn't recruit Clark.

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