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Posted by Coach on October 21, 2018 at 14:27:29:

In Reply to: Re: Lakers situation... posted by Lakers Fan on October 21, 2018 at 12:20:32:

All of you need to chill. Been 2 games!! Blazers and Rockets are really good teams. And, it's going to take time for the team to gel and build chemistry. Also, a person who really understands basketball knows they weren't going to win the title this year, anyways. The Warriors, Celtics, Raptors, Rockets, and Thunder are just some of the many teams that are currently better than the Lakers. Give the team some time and if by the end of this year that is apparent that players like Ingram or Ball are not working, then the Laker front office will figure a way to trade them for assets.

: : : : : : : : Trade Ingram. He's not ready to be a key piece for a big time franchise. Send him to Orlando and get Aaron Gordon.

: : : : : : : Wrong as usual, need shooters and they should get rid of ball

: : : : : : There's more issues than just not having spot up shooters. Get Aaron Gordon & a pick from Orlando. (I did forget to type that before.) An Orlando pick is gold.

: : : : : Ingram doesn't fit with LeBron and the other young players going forward. Not a good off ball player in the event the Lakers sign Kawhi or Jimmy Butler this offseason.

: : : : : Aaron Gordon ($20M/yr) doesn't work from a salary standpoint until the offseason, unless KCP or Rondo waive the automatic no-trade clause that players on one year deals automatically have. Would have to send back $16M at least, and Ingram makes $6M. Acquiring Gordon would also mean Ball has to be traded to sign a max player this summer.

: : : : Are we still pretending that Lonzo isn't a 6'5" Rondo. That's good. But I'm not handcuffed to a 6'5" Rondo or maxing him out.

: : : Gordon, or anyone making over 11 million arent comin to LA this season.
: : : Lakers sold on klay or kawhi and if not them jimmy butler.
: : : Cant trade ingram for anything other than rookies or role players plus future picks, may as well hold for now.
: : : Luke needs to switch up lineups lest he be replaced by Lue.

: : There have been rumblings going around the league that the younger super stars are shying away from playing with Lebron. Time will tell us if thatís true or not. Also, I think Magic is pumping up Ingram and Ball to a higher status in order to make them more attractable as trade bait. I know itís early but if you canít beat a trash Rockets team (the Rockets arenít even close to last years squad) and canít play helpside defense itís gonna be an uneventful season.

: Rockets aren't that much worse than last year, they ran into an unconscious Mirotic, and AD is a tough matchup for them. Portland just ran the Spurs off the floor by 20 until the bench was emptied. Let's not bury the Lakers just yet, unless you're talking about beating the Warriors.

: Problem is all the playmakers are in the starting lineup, and 3 of the 4 best returning shooters (spot up) come off the bench. KCP isn't getting open shots with Rondo, Ingram, and LeBron only looking for cutters in the offense and LeBron only driving in transition for the most part. We will see a different Lakers lineup Monday night with Rondo and Ingram suspended multiple games.

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