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Posted by JungleNutz on September 28, 2018 at 22:35:39:

In Reply to: Re: Just admit that Coach White might be wrong posted by #BET on September 28, 2018 at 16:52:40:

: : : : : : : : According to Jack Pollon Crespi's Billy Reed is transferring. I don't know how good of a player he is. But Crespi has had a lot of kids transfer out. Why is Crespi losing so many players?

: : : : : : : I don�t know why they are leaving Crespi. I don�t know the coach personally. I don�t know any of the players. What I do know (as an observer) he is a GREAT coach. It takes special players and parents to play for great coaches. Great coaches are great because they have standards and they hold their players to that standard:

: : : : : : : Today everyone wants an AAU coach that promises scholarships that he can�t really deliver. They promise positions that the kid really can�t play. They promise everything but skills, hard work and teamwork. It�s a shame!

: : : : : : : It�s ok. Just look at Bosco. That coach let all of his superstars go then beat MD. Let all of his superstars go, then his coachable players got scholarships. Meanwhile, those kids that left are still searching.

: : : : : : : Crespi will be alright

: : : : : : :They are good !

: : : : :
: : : : : I don't know any kids at Crespi, and haven't for a few years. So I can only speak in the general.

: : : : : However, I do know that Coach White demands a level of hard work and accountability that few do.

: : : : : In the past, kids would grind it out, and come out better players, students, and people on the other side when they graduate.

: : : : : Now, in the new world of everyone gets a trophy (or thinks they are getting a scholarship), as soon as things aren't going little Johnny's way, he leaves.

: : : : : And this isn't true just at Crespi. As soon as a player isn't starting at a school, even if they shouldn't, they just go somewhere else. Good luck to all those kids when they get into the working world and don't get the big project or promotion and just start job hopping.

: : : : love the analysis that kids are leaving because they want it easy somewhere else. thank goodness for those coaches who will not bend to cater to young entitlement and the egos of their parents. kids who stick it out will be better people for it...

: : : It's always blame the kids or parents. Smh. The kids that left Crespi weren't there for a few months. Wasn't Billy Reed there for 3 years? Another kid was there for 2.
: : : Coach White is a good coach. But he's also extra arrogant & that gets old. Not every thing that he does is right. Not every kid that transfers is looking for the easy way. Maybe they're looking for the better way.
: : : Keep putting these coaches on a pedestal & kissing their feet if you want. But how many examples do you people need before you stop blaming families without knowing their situation.
: : : I remember when Russell Otis was the man & any kid that left his program was soft. Then we found out that he was abusing kids & a few left because of that.
: : : My other problem is that when a kid leaves a white coach (Crespi, Village, Harvard Westlake) it's the kid who's at fault. But if a kid leaves a black coach (Sierra Canyon, Cathedral etc) then it's the coach who can't keep a stable program.

: : This isn't about white and black. I'm a Black man and yes sometimes it just isn't a good fit. Some coaches are jerks, some coaches are demeaning, some coaches are even abusive but I don't believe this coach is either of these things. To compare him to Otis is not fair. I know what you were trying to say but, this is a totally different situation.

: Bet this "VALLEY COACH" guy never played or coached this game! Wonder who he is? Too chicken to post his real name.

Pull up your skirt. The poster before you, me & anybody else with common sense can see that he's not insulting your beloved Coach White. In the example of Otis Russell, I really think, he's saying that people give coaches too much credit & used Otis as an example. So calm down internet thug.
Russ can coach but this year & next is going to be a challenge. He doesn't have the talent, HW has the league locked down & Crespi keeps losing players. But truth be told that the players that left aren't D1 or D2 guys. So it's not like the barn is burning down. But they are bodies.
Crespi isn't Village. The kids might be leaving because Crespi might have transfers coming in. Russ isgoingo play the better guys.

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